The Revival of Mantles & The Raising of Shofars


The sounds and the heartbeat of revival have been on my heart for quite some time. Personal revival is the cry of my heart. We cannot give out what doesn’t possess us first. I am blessed to be a part of a ministry that refuses to hinder Holy Spirit and is fiercely pursuing God’s heart for revival in our region, our nation and the nations of the earth. The Lord speaks to me through internal visions quite often and on September 29, 2013, He showed me a vision during a worship service I would like to share.

As I worshiped that morning I began to see a hillside and an atmosphere of water hanging over the land. I heard a sound over the hillside…drums and shouting and a sound that grew louder  as the ones creating the sound approached the top of the hillside. I heard God speak of desperation- desperate people refuse to be quiet. Hungry people do not stay quiet and thirsty people do not stay silent. There is a roar that must come forth for the more.

When I think upon that sound I heard, I think of instances in the Word of just one great shout being released with the sounds of the trumpets around Jericho and the crumbling of walls and victory for Israel. 2 Chronicles 20:21 recalls the time when King Jehoshaphat called forth the worshipers to lead the army into battle, declaring the goodness of God. There was a sound released that confused the enemy to the point of self annihilation. There is a sound coming. God’s people were meant to be heard before they are seen. The Glory of God must be released boldly without the desire to be seen.

God’s mantles are waiting to be released

In the atmosphere hanging over the hillside, I saw the word, “revival” repeatedly.  I sensed a breaking coming forth and the sound of rain approaching. The earth is groaning to burst forth with revival, to make a great noise unto the Lord that will also terrify hell to cower and to retreat. The Lord began to reveal to me that those words of revival are mantles that are for the taking and waiting to fall.

These mantles are generations in age, but divine in origin. They are not mantles to mimic man, but to mirror the Maker. For those who know great generals of God who have gone before us, there are extraordinary mantles that rested upon great men and women of God and those generals should be honored for their obedience unto the Lord. However, a mantle is an invitation to become more like Christ and not like the vessel the mantle previously rested upon. There are mantles of old, forgotten mantles ready to fall upon God’s people…recognized mantles of healing, faith and miracles, mantles of His Word, a desire to share the unadulterated truth of His Word that has not been steeped in tradition or drowned with hypocrisy.

Mantles from past generations do not die with the vessel. They are God’s possession and the many facets of His glory that He longs to reveal to the world through His bride. I heard the Lord ask me that morning,

“Who will take up these mantles? Will the army step in front of these mantles and not adorn themselves with God’s glory to usher in the greatest time coming to this earth?”

Let us catch the mantles!

Will we pick up these mantles and try to imitate the previous generation just to delay His plan or will we permit an ordination to occur? Will we allow these mantles to be en grafted into our spiritual DNA to where what we carry looks like Jesus, acts like Jesus, loves like Jesus, honoring previous moves of God and glorifying Christ by becoming who God beckons us to be for Him? When I ponder on these mantles, I long to be so saturated with Holy Spirit that as I go to places, people recognize His Presence and unusual things happen such as they did when Kathryn Kuhlman walked into places.

I long to be so possessed by God that diseases would die in the palm of my hand much like the healing mantle that rested upon John G Lake. My heart stirs and burns for the days when God has such a hold on me that like Smith Wigglesworth, radical faith is tangible and undeniable to the point of seeing limbs appear where there were not limbs and the dead are raised even at a funeral. Yet I long to see even more than these things as I believe there are facets of these mantles not fully released yet.

I look forward to teaching my daughter about these generals, but even more so that what rested upon their lives is her promise as well and that she can have as much of God as she wants. We are not after the man, but His Presence.

We are defined by His Presence and not our influence

I believe that as we embrace revival, we will see these mantles fall on not just a select few, but multitudes who will yield to God’s ways. Those mantles are still here. We see it with the resurrection of the dead man when he came in contact with Elisha’s bones (2 Kings 13:21). The miracle working mantle Elisha carried as a prophet to resurrect the dead did not die with him and just like when he laid face to face with the dead son of the Shunnamite woman to resurrect him, his bones laid face to face with a man in his grave and resurrection life reversed death.

Praise God for those who have gone before us and who have joined the great cloud of witnesses and who became testimonies of God’s facets of glory. Praise God for their obedience and their example to us and to their generation. Now the sound is going forth again for God’s people to take up these mantles and run with them in unity. Bearing a mantle will bring death to self or it will serve as an idol and bring attempted death to God’s ways by delaying His plan. It is God who defines us, not the mantle.

I also believe that there are those who will be raised up in this hour as shofars unto the Lord. They will be hollowed out and emptied, making room for the Lord. They will reside in the secret place and in the Throne room. They will surrender to the Lord, letting the breath of God bellow through them so that sounds of heaven and the declarations of God can be released for such a time as this.

They will prophesy from the perspective of heaven, releasing God’s agenda. We join together to make one harmonious sound unto the Lord. As we journey to the precipice of God’s glory, I pray that we as the bride of Christ will keep our eyes on Him and that we will refuse to remain silent. Heaven responds to what we release when it is familiar to the Kingdom of God. Let’s catch the mantles and raise up the shofars. The King is alive in you and me!

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