A Generation Worth Fighting For

handsIt was July 5th of this year and I laid upon the carpet in a sanctuary in Rosedale, Virginia as a group of us involved in youth ministry prayed and interceded for our upcoming youth conference. As I laid in the floor wedged in by the seats, I began to weep as I heard the Lord say to me, “Repent on behalf of a generation. Repent for curses spoken over a generation.” It was overwhelming. I wept as He said this to me.

“Curses have been spoken over this generation. Cry out to Me on behalf of this generation. Repent for curses spoken and for not passing on an inheritance of holiness to this generation and the coming one. Seek forgiveness for a legacy of complacency and compromise. This generation has reaped what was sown before, but the pure heart’s cry is arising to My throne to cancel the curse and to restore the promise of My Word spoken over them.”

As I meditated upon what the Lord was saying, Ezra came to me. In Ezra 3:11-13 we find that praise was offered up when the foundation was laid for the rebuilding of the temple. However, those who had seen the first house wept at the sight of the new foundation while others shouted so much so that the sound of weeping could not be distinguished from the shouts of joy. I began to understand the loss of glory.

Those who had seen the former acknowledged the temple only and not the glory of God. There was no acknowledgement of His Presence; it was a mourning of physical splendor while the younger ones rejoiced for something they did not fully understand the magnitude of…His Presence. The sounds blended together as one because it was the same misplacement of glory. The previous generation misplaced their identity and His glory among them and they dropped the mantle of reverence and holiness that was meant to ever increase with each generation. Sound familiar?

Having a heart for a generation

My heart aches for this generation at times. The church as a whole has done a great job at walking in sight and not faith when it comes to this generation. We have prophesied over them how lost they are, how much darkness surrounds them and we have spoken death over them. While we have done this, the world has taken up the mandate for this generation and perverted it.

A false light has been exposed to them and now destinies are being misguided as the world tells them who they are to themselves and not to God. The enemy will do anything to take out a generation. His kingdom has aborted millions of lives and if he can’t abort a life physically, then he will abort a destiny however he can…we see it now with teen suicide, addictions, gender confusion and the list goes on and on. It is a loss of identity and a lack of a legacy of His Presence because when you know who you are in Christ, there is no confusion, there is no question.

We wonder why this generation is irreverent and not consecrated unto the Lord as we weep for past moves of God while we lull their spirits into a coma and we tickle their flesh with temporal measures to win the masses with pizza parties, concert style “worship” and a watered down Word that doesn’t even make a spark let alone birth conviction.

The convergence of generations

I am not a doom and gloom individual, I am merely speaking the truth here. Despite our blunders and satan’s schemes, I know that God is moving powerfully right now and He desires to unite all generations for the next Great Awakening. He needs each of us to take our place. He needs the previous generation to be a holy example for this next generation. Had the previous generations of Israelites not committed adultery unto the Lord and had they denied idolatry, they would not have had to rebuild the temple and weep for greater times past.

There are still greater times ahead and I desire for God to be glorified in every generation represented, that His Presence and His anointing would ever increase with each generation. Repentance is not a dirty word. I believe it is key in this hour in order for our nation to get back on track and this next generation needs intercession. They need the previous generations to show them the standard of heaven and they need to know that they are worth fighting for.

Jesus has not given up on them. There is still hope. Even though there has been loss, we can still rebuild. We can fight the good fight of faith. We must keep our eyes on the Chief Cornerstone and train up a generation to honor the glory and authority of God so that they know why they shout and that the world will not get their voice and the devil will not have it for his own.

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