A Prophetic Vision- The Holy Spirit Ember Attack


It is a vision I have seen numerous times during moments in prayer and worship- individuals and nations encased in fire and the breath of God blowing on each of them, fanning the flame to others. Not long ago during a time of worship the Lord showed me a vision of  people as glowing embers, burning coals with no visible flame.

These embers were alive and yet underestimated because a raging fire appeared to not consume them. It is tempting to miss the potential of a fire hazard with remaining embers that simply refuse to die because we are looking for the flames.

In this vision I saw people as burning embers and as the wind of God blew on them, the glow upon them burned brighter and hotter. I then saw flames spreading in the form of small embers blowing off of them and touching those around them, causing those touched to glow and to burn. The fire of  Holy Spirit was spreading from the embers. I started digging into the definition of the ember and in the process, I found the term that defined what I had seen in the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit ember attack

An ember is a glowing hot coal typically made from wood or coal that remains after a fire or even preceding a fire. Embers are able to rekindle a fire appearing to be extinguished and because of this they pose a fire hazard. They are said to hold intense heat and can even be as hot as the fire that created them. Embers play a major role in forest fires as these embers are typically leaves and such that are lightweight and easily carried by the wind.

With the right conditions, these embers can be carried ahead of the fire by the wind, creating spot fires. A phenomenon known as an ember attack is seen during a bushfire and this is where embers will bombard a house and kindle small fires in the wooden structure. As soon as I read about the ember attack, I knew that this was what I had seen in the vision, a Holy Spirit ember attack bombarding the body of Christ and those in the path of the bush fire.

Acts 2:2-3 tells us that on the day of Pentecost the sound of a mighty rushing wind from heaven filled the entire house where the one hundred and twenty sat and divided tongues of fire appeared to them and rested on each one of them. It was the perfect atmosphere for a fire to spread on those in attendance, igniting a movement.

The all consuming fire of God was the origin and embers carried on the wind of God bombarded these habitations of Holy Spirit, kindling fires within each of them that burned away the former to make room for the latter. They became burning ones, embers as hot as the fire that created them and hazardous to the kingdom of darkness. But it didn’t stop with them. As is the nature of fire, it spread to others and multitudes were lit up for Christ.

Members of God’s embers

I believe we are in an exciting time on the earth right now. There are opportunities all around us to release embers onto a world full of dead coals. Yes, there is much lawlessness and demonic activity abounding, but God is greater than all of it and He is up to something big in the midst of His people.

There are spot fires bursting forth all across the globe. Jesus is branding the hearts of those who will surrender to His will and He is intensifying the glow of those who will lay themselves on the altar of sacrifice. People are finding their place in His fiery gaze. When we press into the things of God, setting others ablaze around us will come naturally as it did for the Church in Acts.

To some it may appear that the fire in the bride has been snuffed out, but look closely and you will see a remnant of embers refusing to be extinguished by a watered down word. The dead coals of religion will never pose a fire hazard. The bride of Christ becomes the perfect flammable material when we are submerged in the anointing, submitted to the wind of God and positioned in the line of His fire.

God is blowing on His people. Fires are being kindled and furnaces of His glory are being stoked. His breath is blowing on embers that have continued to burn, but there is an intensification coming upon these embers to be even more alive and even more menacing to the powers of hell. The fire of God knows no compromise and neither should the body of Christ. I see people fanning the flame to those around them as they press into the all consuming fire. I hear the wind of God bellowing and I see embers of His fire blowing off of people, touching those in their path.

I see the Meshachs, Shadrachs and Abednegos, those who cannot be consumed and killed by a natural fiery furnace because God’s fire has already engulfed them. Those who will yield to the fire of God will be part of the ember attack that will usher in the next great move of God. We are God’s hot coals, His fiery stones on His holy mountain and we were made to burn as hot as His fire. We were made to carry His fire on the wind as His breath blows over the earth. Do not be content in keeping the fire to yourself but get in the line of the bush fire God is releasing even now and give yourself over to being a part of the ember attack.



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14 thoughts on “A Prophetic Vision- The Holy Spirit Ember Attack”


    To the Glory of God it was during a Pastors conference this past Spring at the Brownsville Assembly of God which is known as the Pensacola Outpouring that on the last day of the conference as the assembly was in worship I fell out under the power of God and I was immediately caught up in the Spirit and found myself resting on the back side of large angel with large winds. As we lifted up high over the State of Florida we flew southward. I could not keep my eyes of the large wings that were on each side of me. Scriptures flash threw my mind of the many servants of God that had been caught up in the spirit. We were very high up as we approach this small town where the angel put a ball of fire in my right hand then he said to me throw it over this city. The city was some where in east central in, Florida! As the ball of fire began to fall I could see that there were seven lights coming out of the fire as it fell from my hands. We continue to fly south and now I was over the city of Miami, Florida. As I attempted to do the same thing thinking to myself, well this is the city were I Pastor, the Lord will surely send the fire here too. I stretched out my right hand to do the same thing there but there was nothing in my hands, no ball of fire! Then suddenly I was back at Brownsville and I got up of the floor.

    As time has passed i believe this ball of fire from God will fall between Vero beach Fl, & New Smyrna Fl, & Orlando FL, somewhere in the middle of that triangle………

    A glorious awakening is near………………..

    1. Truly I have seen this ball of fire, in the lords hands, by revelation, He his gathering His chosen ones, and intensifying their training. You have opened my understanding of the things the lord is asking if me. Now I understand more. God bless you.

  2. Reblogged this on Kingdom Blog and commented:
    Great insight, and very similar to a picture to one I have seen as well. Theses burning ones have Wales a humble wark, broken for the things of God, endured the fiery trials, passionate for the Lord’s presence, honouring of His family, lovers of neighbours, and deeply devoted to Christ..intimately walking with Him.

  3. Was just making a fire tonight and blowing on it to fan it into intensity… and thinking like I’ve not really before about how the Spirit comes as fire AND wind… and then read this word… awesome… thanks for listening to God for us 🙂

  4. “And my heart burns for you, and my heart burns for you, lala la la la la la la la la la lalala la, for my heart has found its home inside of you”……-Obsession, Delirious

  5. kh.brojendra.I want to know more about jesus.

  6. Encouraging vision, but….Make sure those with the embers know the will of God, have spiritual discernment and have the truth of His Word, otherwise we will once again be surrounded by those bringing strange fire to the altar. Just a warning for the church. Have had it with the strange fires throughout the years. Also, wasn’t the Day of Pentecost had 3000 people, not just the 120?

    1. Yes, I agree. It is very important to have Christ at the forefront and to operate in the truth of His Word. As for your question, what I referenced were the 120 in the upper room initially. 3000 were added to the church that day after Peter ministered. Thanks for your comment.

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