Release The Oil, Saturated Bride!



The oil was everywhere. It was coating everything in the sanctuary: every seat, every instrument and every inch of the floor. I looked up to see the rafters dripping with this same oil, saturating the room and anyone in its path. There was no end to the flow and if we pursued Him passionately and unapologetically, I sensed it was a prelude of things to come.

I saw this vision on a few occasions as the corporate body would press into His Presence. That vision was first given to me  three years ago and I was reminded of it when our pastor recently shared a vision he was given by the Lord about the gushers of oil that were coming forth. It is clear to me now that what I saw was the aftermath of an oil gusher.

We are seeing a portion of this right now as people have relentlessly pressed for the atmosphere of His anointing, abandoning their own agendas for His.  We are standing under one of these gushers and we are getting soaked. God has longed for those who will uncork themselves so that the oil can flow. Once you are drenched by His anointing, you are never the same and going back to what was is not even a consideration.

The Lord gave me another vision several months later. It was during a time of intercessory prayer I began to see a bride walking down the aisle. I found myself focusing on the train of her gown and I saw the hem saturated and dripping with oil. As she moved down the aisle, a trail of oil was left behind her. I heard a song of the Lord rising up in my spirit about a spotless bride coming forth adorned with a train dripping with oil to heal the nations.

The significance of the saturated bride

Oil is an amazing substance; one drop can go a long way, leaving its signature on whatever it touches and a residue that lingers long after the first encounter. Oil has this way of saturating the inside of the vessel containing it even after the vessel is emptied and it will separate itself when mixed with water, becoming easily identifiable. The anointing of God within the bride should be no different.

We are called to carry the anointing of God and not only that, but we are commissioned to release that anointing. We have access to the greatest “substance” this world could ever encounter. Every time we choose to pour out and to release His anointing, even if it is only a drop, we leave His signature on a life and His anointing lingers long after our act of obedience. The anointing changes circumstances, it births destiny, it destroys the yoke (Isaiah 10:27). His anointing saturates the innermost parts of our being, marking us as His own with a mandate of consecration that should make us easily identifiable when mixed with the world.

When I saw the bride dripping with oil, it stirred on the inside of me. I want to be that spotless bride. I want to release the anointing of God and to remain in a state of overflow. I desire for the body of Christ to have that same passion so that the nations of the earth can experience the power of God and a genuine healing only He can supply. Isaiah 6:1 speaks of the train of His robe filling the temple. We are His temple.

The power of a saturated garment

We are His habitation and we are designed to house His Presence, His anointing. We are to be filled, occupied to capacity with the Presence and the anointing of God so much so that idolatry and religion are purged from the temple as a great big God overflows and resides in His resting place. Many in the body of Christ are dripping with oil and releasing it privately and corporately, but God desires complete saturation of the bride as opposed to a portion.

Seeing the saturated hem of the bridal train reminded me of the woman with the issue of blood that touched the hem of Jesus’ garment to be made whole. Virtue and power flowed out of Jesus’ hem into that woman and He knew it because He was intimately acquainted with the anointing of Holy Spirit through fellowship and unity. Imagine what an oil soaked bride not steeped in tradition but in unity and intimacy with the Bridegroom could do as that same anointing flows out of her. This bridal hem separates us from the religious hem of the pharisee, which holds no power and no intimacy.

Every where our foot treads we should be leaving a trail of oil behind us so that anyone who steps through the anointing knows the way to the King. I truly believe that we have only seen a fraction of what God wants to do through His people. Realms yet to be tapped are bubbling up and wild manifestations of His Spirit are coming as the bride trades dignity for destiny.

Purity is returning to the body as the cry of repentance is obeyed, removing hindrances that hold back the flow of His anointing. There is an overflow waiting to spring forth and drench those who want more than another good sermon or a typical Sunday service contrived by man. Here we are, God! Release Your oil!




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