Disturbing the Peace and Rattling the Cages of Religion


During a time of worship and prayer this morning, a song of the Lord began to rise up from my spirit, “He’s coming to shake the things that need to be disturbed. He’s coming to rattle the cages of religion“. The Lord began to show me a vision of a pair of red doors.  I knew that they were the doors to a church and on these doors hung a sign, “Do not disturb“. The vision faded into another vision of the same doors only this time, the sign was gone and a welcome mat lay at the entrance. I pondered on what these things meant and I thought about where we are right now as a people.

Jesus knocking at His bride’s door

The sign on the door is an all too familiar occurrence in the body of Christ these days. It may not be there physically, but it is there spiritually, both corporately and individually. It is a directive unto the Lord that habitation is not extended to the Holy Spirit in corporate gatherings or even in our own personal lives and that if Jesus wants to come in then He needs to knock.

The problem is that He should not have to knock on the doors to His own tabernacle. Revelation 3:20 has always bothered me because Jesus stood at the door to His church knocking. This Scripture is not a salvation Scripture to a lost world. It is a rebuke to a lukewarm church and an invitation to hear His voice and to open the door so that He can commune with His beloved.

Jesus should not have to knock. He should have free access to our lives and to the gathering of the assembly. I have to ask, are we assembling for us or for Him? Do we exist for ourselves or for Him? The presence of a “do not disturb“mindset is a manner in which we treat strangers or those we have no interest, yet we expect God to know our hearts without us acknowledging His.

It is encouraging, however, that in the midst of this vision, I saw a transformation. I saw doors once adorned with an ordinance now laying out an invitation for the Holy Spirit. This is what happens when we abandon tradition, religion and false doctrine and we swing wide the doors to our gatherings as fellow believers and to our own hearts. This is a facet of dwelling in Spirit and in truth.

Choosing disturbance over complacency

Sadly, there will be those who will not welcome the truth and the flow of His Spirit.  Instead they choose to stay in their comatose state called religion, where God is said to be distant, angry and impersonal and where grace is a slippery slope. There will be those who enjoy messages without conviction and a call to repentance because the blanket of complacency is more appealing than the raiment of holiness. There will be those who deny the power of God to heal, to raise the dead and to cast out devils because denying His heritage of authority releases them of accountability to perform His instruction.

Yet there are those who are grabbing onto His Word and His truth and they are running with it. There are those who are choosing holiness and purity. They are choosing to write His Word on their hearts and to live it out. They are choosing to be disturbed and to have their lives interrupted,shaken and reformed. They are choosing to know Him. They are choosing Jesus.

What would it look like if the body of Christ collectively chose to forego their printed bulletins and programs for the agenda of heaven? What would happen if our order was exchanged for His order? What would happen to a people who abandoned every preconceived notion and every religious snare while getting on their faces before God and crying out for His way and no other way? God is doing something in the midst of His people and He longs to do so much more through so many more.

Welcome the disturbance and shaking!

The body of Christ is being shaken. The cages of religion are being rattled even now and while some resist it and try to keep the bars intact and the lock on tight, there are some who will see the cage door buckle and weaken. They will fly out and soar to righteous freedom in Christ. I am not talking about a freedom to sin even more, but a freedom to live more holy for Christ’s sake. Religion is a snare.

Sin is bondage and God is shaking away the things that can be shaken so that what cannot be shaken will remain, His Kingdom (Hebrew 12:27-28). For those engaged in the what God wants to do, keep pressing and do not settle for the next level that you reach or the next facet that God shows of Himself. We have this tendency to think we have arrived once tapping into a deeper realm in God and then we stay there only to make that level our ceiling and inadvertently, religion. There is more!

Intercede for the other parts of the body that they would take down the sign and invite a disturbance in their midst. I cannot speak for you, but I can speak for myself when I say this: disturb me, Lord and shake anything out of me that is not of you. Holy Spirit, welcome!

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5 thoughts on “Disturbing the Peace and Rattling the Cages of Religion”

  1. As i hunger and thirst after His righteous i pray thst religion will be diminished and the spirit of God takes dominance. Holy Spirit tske Your place, uproot and replace and may we fall prostrate before You so that righteousness can once again be seen and You Christ will again take up residence in our hearts and in Your tabernacle. Love this word. Lord i crave more of You

  2. Mam, it has not yet begun to shake. The reason why those doors no longer have those signs, is because the contents of the church have been replaced in your vision! There is a time coming hard and fast, where decisions will need to be made. What you choose to do with your time, waste it on self-chosen spiritual agendas, or choose GOD-appointed ones. We will also get choose your aligning with either the new USA, or with truth and the word of GOD. Now is the time strengthen our relationships with GOD, and to get the truth out, while it is still legal to do so.

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