Fruit Bearers: Deal With the Foxes!



Get the foxes out of the vineyard“. It was a few weeks ago on a Tuesday morning that I heard these words as I drove to intercessory prayer. I was not supposed to be at intercessory prayer on this Tuesday; I was supposed to be at my workplace. Isn’t it funny how God works out divine timing when He needs something addressed? A few weeks prior I was asked to make a schedule change to accommodate a need at work. The day before prayer, the head intercessor asked if I could lead the prayer meeting.

So here I was driving along and seeking what was on the heart of the Lord for prayer and I heard Him say this to me, “Get the foxes out of the vineyard“. Song of Solomon 2:15 came to my spirit, “Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards, for our vineyards are in blossom.” The Lord began to show me a vine in our sanctuary in bloom and yielding fruit. I saw foxes among the vine, trying to eat the fruit and damage the vine.

I shared with the other intercessors what I had seen, knowing that prayers and the holy pursuit of God were producing mightily and the enemy would not ignore the fruit so we began to pray. I knew that this message was for one person in particular in attendance that day, but I also knew it was for us as a body.

Months before I had seen a vine with few branches on it, scarred from where other branches had been removed or departed from the vine. I found myself focusing more on the scars than on the remaining branches and the Lord spoke to me, telling me to stop focusing on the scars and to pay attention to the vine and the remaining branches. I heard Him say, “ I am looking for the abiders, those who will remain in Me. Though this vine has few branches now, abundant fruit can still be harvested from those who will remain and abide.” It was a healing word for our ministry and now God was showing me the vine once again except there were blooms, fruit and foxes.

The foxes go after the harvest

Foxes are cunning creatures and they can be very damaging in their behavior. They not only eat grapes, but they dig holes to sleep in and they disturb the foundation, creating tunnels beneath the root system of plants, compromising the integrity of the vineyard. This is what the enemy does to God’s people many times; he dispatches his foxes, his minions into the vineyard as we are abiding and producing blooms on the vine, leading to Godly fruit.

The devil will try and bring damage however he can to the branches, even devouring the fruit with deception and attacks. Many who are in the process of bearing fruit get weary because they want to see fruit immediately instead of blooms, but fruit is a process and it takes abiding in the vine so that nourishment can come to produce the harvest in due season. The devil delights in wiping out the blooms as well because he knows the blooms are a prelude to the fruit.

If we are not diligent and wise to what the enemy wants to do, the foxes will creep into our vineyard. These foxes like to disturb the foundation and attempt to compromise the deeply planted roots of faithfulness, joy, peace, purity, etc., making us less stable and firmly planted while eating our fruit as they take up residence among us in a hole in the foundation of our relationship with the Lord. Some people will even panic when they see the enemy in their midst, forgetting whom they abide within and that God has provided the means to drive out these pests.

Don’t distress over the presence of foxes

Let me tell you something. Do not be dismayed when you see the enemy in your territory after a time of pressing and abiding in God. The presence of foxes in the vineyard is a confirmation of fruit on the vine. You have authority over demonic strongholds and attacks. Give no place to the devil and remove these foxes before they have an opportunity to eat the fruit or disturb the ground.

Before we can ever resist the devil and cause him to flee, we are told to surrender to God and afterwards we are told to draw near to Him and He will draw near to us (James 4:7-8). This is where abiding in the Vine is so vital. Abiders are fertilized with divine revelation from the Vinedresser, arming them with the Word and the Spirit of God. There are no greater demonic pesticides than the Word and the Spirit of God.

In the remaining part of this vision, I saw the foxes scurry away as worship, dancing and holy pursuit spilled over from those abiding in the vine. When Jesus was told by the Pharisees to leave a certain area because Herod was going to kill Him, Jesus responded, “Tell that fox, ‘Behold, I cast out devils and heal the sick today and tomorrow and the third day I finish my course'”. (Luke 13:32)

Fruit bearers, do not grow weary and do not stop in your pursuit of the Kingdom of God. Deal with the foxes! Use Godly wisdom and address the opposers. Make it known that regardless of threats and attacks, you will complete your course; you will continue to do the greater things which Jesus modeled and as one who abides in the Vine, you have access to the authority of God. Refuse to allow any demonic stronghold or bondage to steal your fruit.

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6 thoughts on “Fruit Bearers: Deal With the Foxes!”

  1. Awesome word! Thank you. As a pastor whose small charge has been severely attacked by the enemy, this word is so encouraging and strengthening. Bless you in Jesus’ name.

  2. Abiders are fertilized with divine revelation from the Vinedresser, arming them with the Word and the Spirit of God and there are no greater demonic pesticides than the Word and the Spirit of God.

    Thank you for the encouragement.

    God speaks to me in pictures. So once 2 years ago, he showed me a tree with rotten fruit. When I saw this, I was ashamed but encouraged too that fruit was important to God so I focused on that. Recently I saw wine exchanged for water, I have been praying about it, what do you think it means? I have been studying scriptures searching for the meaning but I am not certain yet what he is saying to me.


    Love your blog.

  3. I am so glad this encouraged you. As for your vision about water and wine, I believe that when you see these things, they usually represent the anointing or the Holy Spirit and it could be that your vision of wine for water represents going to a greater level of anointing. I hope that helps! Blessings and thank you for reading my blog!

  4. Very good word! Sometimes I forget what the enemy looks like. He’s not a big hairy monster with teeth – he’s a little fox trying to disrupt my vineyard to steal my peace, my joy and my fruit! Thank you for this timely word – so glad I found you online! Debra Lilly


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