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He only needed one stone. A small babbling brook held the ammunition desired by a shepherd boy for bringing down a mighty foe. He did not look like a warrior, but this shepherd had been prepared on another battlefield for a moment like this and he arrived to this battle right on time.

For forty days the air had been saturated with fear as taunts and idle threats loomed over the army of God, never settling in the valley between them, but finding a resting place in the hearts of men. As the appointed king cowered in his tent, the one anointed king prepared himself for a showdown.

The king had attempted to cloak this ruddy faced boy with his own armor, but to no avail. He would have no part in the victory as this young man carried the Lord upon him. He was a shepherd, an armor bearer and a king all at once. He was David, son of Jesse, a descendant from the tribe of Judah.

As David gazed upon his staff, he was reminded of every lion and every bear that had been conquered by him while defending his father’s flock. Now he would defend God’s flock and bringing down a demon influenced giant would be no different. He only needed one stone from the brook, a stone that had remained in the flow of the water and the grit of the brook bed, permitting the jagged edges to be removed so that its form could be perfected for purpose.

He reached down and without hesitation, he gathered five smooth stones from the brook and he placed them in his shepherd’s pouch. Four stones remained in his pouch while one stone bound itself to the prophetic words David launched at Goliath, both finding their mark to usher in victory over the enemy.

A stone with purpose

We know this story all too well. There are so many things to glean from this account, but the stones stand out to me because there were four more stones waiting to be launched into battle, yet we are left wondering what happened to them and why David even picked up five stones in the first place.

Have you ever been in a season where you knew that the Lord had chosen you for a purpose yet you were hidden away, wondering when your time would come to be launched out for God? If these stones could speak, what would they say? The one that was catapulted into battle would not have complained because it took down a giant. The other four may be left wondering, ”

Encouragement for the five fold ministry

This message is for the five fold ministry. David chose five stones. Some see it as a symbol of grace. I see this as a symbol of the five fold and in this instance, the prophetic was released, taking down a giant. Let me say that every single person is valuable to the Lord and every single person has a purpose the Lord wishes to fulfill through His children. As I have meditated on this account, I sensed that this was for those who have been called to function in the five fold ministry offices.

There are those of the five fold who are weary and feel forgotten by God. You have submitted yourself to the river of living water, permitting the Lord to smooth out your rough edges and remove imperfections, those things that affect the ability to be propelled with holy precision. You are a living stone, handpicked by the Lord. You thought that God would launch you out the moment He selected you, but His timing is better. He has kept you close, waiting for the right time of release.

You have seen others catapulted and you envy those who take down giants while you wait for your “giant moment”, all the while dismissing God ordained moments to defeat “lions” and “bears”. Many times we perceive conquering a giant as a greater feat than taking down a bear or a lion when all lead to the same outcome: victory. Stop envying those who take out giants and let God select you for the battle of His choosing. Do not lose focus of the One who picked you up in the first place, the Good Shepherd.

The purpose of the five fold ministry

Being a part of the five fold ministry is neither a status symbol nor an indication of spiritual arrival. Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers are given to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and for building up the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:13). Just as David picked up five stones, equipping his body with ammunition for future purpose, so has Christ, the Shepherd of the flock that is the church, handpicked the five fold ministry in order to equip the body of Christ.

The five fold brings sound doctrine so that maturity can come to the body by growing up in Him. Every office is vital to the full function of the body. Pastors, you are vital. You have the authority to take down lions and bears that would attack the sheep. Teachers, you are vital. Your revelation of the Word of God pulls down strongholds and every lofty thing that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God. Evangelists, you are vital. Your love for souls and sharing the truth of the Gospel will set the captive free, adding to the family of God.

Apostles, you are vital as you build up the church and carry the mantle of authority that is needed in this hour. Prophets, you are vital as you propel the revelation of God’s heart with passion and holiness unto the Lord. It is not about one stone, but all five working to fulfill a purpose: to conquer the enemy  while unifying the flock. Do not despise the time when you are hidden away awaiting your purpose to come to fruition. You were handpicked for purpose and there is no better place than being hidden in Christ.

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