Gaining His Perspective In The Summit Meetings

summit moses

As I stood on top of a hill overlooking the Crow Nation yesterday, I was reminded of a word that the Lord had spoken to me about seeking higher ground to gain a broader perspective. Recently I heard the words, summit meeting, and I could hear the Lord calling those who would obey the call to come up higher and to attain His vantage point.

The summit meeting is for those who refuse complacency at the base of the mountain, those choosing to be sent for intercession and for instruction and to see as God sees.  I believe it is in the summit meetings that we gain limitless perspective, divine instruction and desired intimacy with the Father .

God is calling His people to summit meetings with Him. A summit is the highest point of a hill or a mountain and in order to reach the summit, something is required of you. It means climbing a mountain that has hindered your view. It means moving from a place of limited vision and comfort to a place of clarity and visual expansion.

Summit meetings are not for ascension to promotion, though this may transpire,  but for resolving issues involving multitudes. When you stand upon a summit, you begin to see beyond borders and you begin to adopt a heavenly perspective.

My summit perspective

This hill had gotten my attention by the large wooden cross that towered at its apex.  I had studied this hill that I was now standing on for several days, wanting to go to the top of it so that I could see down below.

At ground level, my perspective was limited and confined, but when I stood on that hilltop, suddenly I saw beyond the borders of where our feet had tread for the past four days as our team ministered to people. I saw a vision for a region rather than just for a few people within ear shot of our outreach. This was a summit meeting and God wanted us to not only appreciate the view, but to declare and decree over these people the things of God and so we did.

We stretched out our hands and began to elevate the plans of the Lord while dethroning the plans of the enemy. We welcomed the dove, the Holy Spirit to come and rest there while commanding unclean spirits of darkness to detach themselves from the Crow Nation. Our vision became limitless because His nature is the essence of limitless. Summit meetings will stir a passion in you to intercede for multitudes and to declare change, revival and reformation regardless of the current state of the situation or the environment.

Instruction in the ascension

When I think about ascending the hill to meet with God, I think about Moses, the authority on summit meetings. In Exodus 19:20 we see the first of many summit meetings taking place between the Lord and Moses in the middle of the desert on Mount Sinai. It was during this time that Moses received the Law, or divine instruction. Moses also received the blueprint for the Holy tabernacle, the ark of the covenant and its furnishings and instruction for the priestly order.

When you ascend the mountain to meet with God, it cannot be for personal gain or for selfish motives. The vision is inclusive; it is to receive instruction for the people and to activate purpose. Many people miss the point of Moses receiving the Law. They see it as bondage when the word law simply means, instruction.

The problem is that people do not want instruction as much as they want the blessings and the benefits of Godly affiliation. Before the people could advance into the Promised Land, they needed divine instruction in order to conquer a land full of idolatry and impurity. We need instruction from the Lord now more than ever in order to conquer a land full of idolatry and impurity.

Cohabitation with sin does not work and our reason for ascension should surpass our own selfish ambition.  As I said before, the ascension is not about promotion. If promotion is your only reason to reach the summit, then you are wasting your time and the only instruction that you will receive is to wait at the bottom of the mountain.

Intercession in the ascension

What humility and selflessness overwhelms a person to where they would beg God to blot them out if others cannot receive His forgiveness and His mercy. Oh, how we need deep revelation on the power of intercession! In Exodus 32:31-32, we see Moses ascending the mountain to meet with the Lord, only this time he is going to intercede on behalf of the people because of their sin.

When was the last time you interceded for others who were “far less holy” than yourself, telling God that the fulfillment of their promise surpassed the fulfillment of your own? I say that not in a condemning way, but to wake us up to the truth. We struggle with loving our neighbor as ourselves based upon our perception of who is worthy of our prayers. The Israelites had defected and offered up their worship to a golden calf after receiving instruction against idolatry.

Read Exodus and you will find moments where God offers to wipe out these people and start over with Moses. Yet Moses reminds God of His promises for Israel and he intercedes on their behalf. A call to ascend is a call to intercede. A call to intercede is a call to humility and holiness, a cry to a laid down lover who abandons their will for His. Those who ascend the hill are those who have clean hands and a pure heart, those who do not lift up their soul to what is false and those who do not swear deceitfully (Psalm 24:3-4). It all goes back to expanding your vision past yourself.

Insight in the ascension

As the pinnacle of a mountain is reached, the air clears and the view is expanded. What was once a partial view becomes panoramic. Those standing at the bottom of the mountain see desert and a wasteland, but those who stand upon the summit of the mountain see the promise.

Moses was not permitted into the Promised Land, but the Lord called him to one final summit meeting, a meeting to reveal to him the land promised to Israel (Deuteronomy 34). Though Moses did not set foot on the inheritance, his unabated sight allowed him to see it from towering heights. He was able to see because of the relationship that he had with the Lord.

The most pivotal reason that God calls us to ascend the mountain to meet with Him at the summit is intimacy and relationship. It is through relationship and intimacy that we are able to enter into intercession and to receive divine instruction. When was the last time that you willingly received spiritual insight from a complete stranger? In order to gain insight, relationship is necessary.

It is time for those who know God to answer the call to the summit meetings and to get some things done in the Spirit. We need instruction, we need to surrender to intercession and we need to gain the perspective of the Father through intimacy with Him. Refuse to stand at the bottom of the mountain, limiting your view because you are afraid to die to yourself. Be bold, pursue holiness and the righteousness of the Lord, ascend the hill and see everything from a new point of view.



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