The Plumb-Line of God

plumb line

Several weeks ago during a time of corporate prayer, I heard the words plumb line in my spirit. I saw a vision of vertical structures and the foundation that these vertical structures rested upon. I began to understand that these structures represented the people of God with the foundation being the Word of God.

I discovered the term plumb line means, “A cord weighted with lead that is used in building to check that vertical structures are true. It is used symbolically to refer to the divine standard against which God, the builder of his people, tests and judges them. It also symbolizes the standards by which God will rebuild his people“.

The plumb line of righteousness

As I pondered on this, I sensed that God was addressing the importance of righteousness and holiness.  He is hanging a plumb line to assess the authenticity and the alignment of those professing to belong to Him. The term righteousness is synonymous with right standing, right alignment and right positioning in correlation to God.

According to The Complete Word Study Dictionary, righteousness is the state commanded by God and standing the test of His judgment…Thus righteousness, in general, is God’s uprightness or standard, without reference to any particular form of its embodiment, to which man is expected to conform”. This is not about religion, but about demonstrating that we in fact know God by possessing His attributes, His character and His virtue.

For those who profess Christ, this is not a slogan or a fad. The moment that we surrender our lives to Him, we become a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit, His Spirit. We are a temple of the Living God, a holy structure crafted by the Father. We are instructed to put on the new self, created in the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness (Ephesians 4:24).

The moment you invite His Spirit to live in you, a mandate is placed upon you. We are commissioned to be in proper alignment with the Lord and when inspected, our foundation should be solid and our structure should be sound and true. When the Lord drops the plumb line among His people, He should find temples that are vertically true in their representation of the Kingdom of God.

Christ, the standard of righteousness

The body of Christ does not set the standard for righteousness or holiness; Christ already did that. We are instructed to exemplify those standards and the Word is full of guidance and instruction on how to do so. We need to understand that when the tip of the plumb line does not precisely align with the point at which the string is fixed above, the problem lies in us and not the One holding the string.

I believe and have for quite some time that God is beckoning us back to the basics. He is beckoning us back to holiness, righteousness, reverential fear and radical obedience. There is a narcissistic tendency to believe that “church” is about us, our programs, our titles, our ministries and our preferences. This is a sure fire way to misalign and to collaborate with the enemy.

We are not the Cornerstone; Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone of a sure foundation and whoever believes will not be in haste. God said He would make justice the line and righteousness the plumb line (Isaiah 28: 16-17).

Proper alignment and purity

We were not made for us; we were made for Him. A lifestyle of holiness and righteousness is not popular, but it is truth and as the body of Christ we will accomplish more for His Kingdom when we embrace His agenda over our own. God is dropping the plumb line and He is realigning His body, both individually and corporately. He is bringing pure worship and praise to the forefront. He is propelling forerunners of purity to the frontlines, those who will remain concentrated with His truth, refusing to water down the Word of God for the mere applause of man or to evade persecution.

For those not in proper alignment, God is able to rectify if correction is received wholeheartedly. We have an amazing opportunity in this hour to be in the right position and to be in proper alignment with the Lord and to demonstrate His ways and His Kingdom. Examine yourself and ask God to check your alignment before Him. Holiness and righteousness is attainable when the Master Builder is on the scene.




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