A Warning To The Enemy’s Camp: This Time The Prophets Will Not Hide In Caves!


Last week I sensed the Lord asking me to write down a statement and to read it. I wrote it on a piece of paper in one of my journals. As I read it, it stirred my spirit. Over the next few days, the Lord began to reveal things to me through His Word that I would like to share about this call to the prophetic voices in this hour and in the days to come. I believe this a corporate message as we exalt the One True Living God while engaging in spiritual warfare. This is a call that is bestowed upon every child of God, every disciple of Christ.

The prophets are hidden away

The Lord took me to 1 Kings 18, the time when Elijah was instructed by the Lord to face King Ahab and in doing so, He would bring rain upon the earth. There was a severe famine in Samaria both physically and spiritually. Three years prior Elijah prophesied and sealed the heavens from releasing dew or rain upon the land.

As time passed the prophets of the Lord were killed by Jezebel while the prophets of Baal were given a voice and a place at her table. In verse 3, we learn about a man named Obadiah (“servant of Yahweh“). He was a governor over the household of Ahab who feared the Lord. He hiding one hundred prophets in fifties in caves  and he gave them bread and water after Jezebel’s onslaught against the mouthpieces of God.

Now on the surface, this may seem like a great thing that he did. Yet the Word makes no mention that this man sought the Lord for this direction. His fear of man and demonic powers superseded his fear of the Lord and in doing this act, he was an accomplice in silencing the prophetic voice throughout the land, leaving a vacancy that was filled by demonic prophets.

He goes on in verses 12 and 13 to fear for his own life and to give no indication he would be willing to seek the Lord as to Elijah’s location should the Spirit of God carry him away while he informed Ahab of Elijah’s return. Later when Jezebel threatened Elijah, I believe this spirit influenced him to not seek the Lord’s instruction, to keep silent and to hide in a cave, positioning himself to be dismantled.

The operation of a different spirit

As I read this account I realized that this is a spirit in operation among the body of Christ. It is intertwined with the workings of Jezebel. It leads believers to operate in fear in order to silence the prophetic voice that would usher in deliverance, holiness and the dethronement of strongholds. Revelation 19:10 says, “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy”.

When we silence the prophetic voice, we are telling the Holy Spirit to be quiet. When the prophetic voice is forbidden to speak and release, another voice arises and pollutes the atmosphere. The pure voices of the prophets are necessary so that truth and the heart of the Father are revealed while equipping fellow believers to operate in Truth. When we choose fear of man or fear of demonic influences over the fear of the Lord, we bow to a different God.

This spirit is a compromising spirit. It forms soul ties to those operating in darkness and it will not come against deception or manipulation for fear of retaliation from Jezebel and Ahab. It preys upon those lacking a strong prayer life, a strong foundation in the Word of God and a continual flow in the gifts of the Spirit, though a love for God is genuinely expressed.

Loyalty to flesh and blood is given preference over discernment. In essence, those operating in this vein are partnering with the spirit of Jezebel to dismantle (“take a structure to pieces”) the prophetic while perpetuating bondage. This is going on all around us and we need to pay attention.

The cave is not for you!

Hiding in a cave has become a proverbial phrase for the prophetic. I recall the Lord speaking to me a few years ago about coming out of the cave. I had gone into hiding out of intimidation and insecurity, believing I had nothing to offer and nothing of value to say. Thanks be to God for calling me out and setting me free from all of that bondage.

The cave is a place of isolation and a burial plot. It is a place to house dry bones and bottle up echoes of God’s revelation. Obadiah offers bread and water while cutting off the revelation of the Word and the rivers of Living water. I believe that there are those who have discerned the darkness and acknowledged the untainted truth. However, their voices are being stifled by the spirit of Obadiah to remain quiet and to not upset the “balance”.

There is a level of intimidation perpetrating the prophetic to not share raw revelation. They are being coaxed into caves for self preservation, but the goal is to silence true revelation. The story line is changing in this hour though and it will not go down like it did before.

This is what the Lord had me to write down, “This time the prophets will not hide. This time the caves will remain empty.”

As I began to receive revelation on this, I sensed the Lord saying,

” I am speaking to prophetic voices to fear Me and reverence Me and not the voice and the threats of the enemy. This time principalities and powers will be addressed and the prophets will lay siege (“to attack continually over a long time) to areas of stronghold captivity.”

This time fear will not overcome the voices of the prophets. This time the mouthpieces will not be silenced, forced into the belly of a cave and intimidated, fearing for their lives and overcome by darkness. This time the spirit of Obadiah will not hide away the prophets of the Lord. We overcome the darkness with the light of Christ. The cave is not your home. He is.





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  1. Amen..that has been me for the past couple of weeks but the Spirit of the Lord is so mighty,He stirred me right back.

  2. Amen! For the last year I have kept hearing a new sound be realeased…. This word has given me clarity… The NEW sound is the Uncompromising WORD of God Coming from refined & purified Prophets… No longer contaminating it from soul or demonic but a PURE HOLY WORD!!! the TESTIMONY of Jesus is the Word of Prophecy!

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