A Call For Radical Disturbance


The story of Paul and Silas in prison is a well known account in the book of Acts. We usually hear the climax of the story being told at the midnight hour as these men sat in the inner prison singing hymns. Their feet were shackled and their bodies were bruised and beaten for casting a devil out of a girl practicing divination.

As these men worshiped the Lord, a suddenly occurred, the ground shook and all of the prison doors opened.  Everyone’s bonds came unfastened in a suddenly. Though this is a powerful moment, the Lord highlighted something to me prior to their incarceration that I believe is also a powerful revelation. It is a revelation that is relevant for us today.

Disturbing the city with God’s anointing

In Acts 16:20 the men who had once profited from this girl brought Paul and Silas to the magistrates and they made this declaration about them, “These men are Jews, and they are disturbing our city.” This one statement has wrung in my spirit since last night at a special service that we had for our region and I have meditated on it ever since.

If you are reading this, hear me when I say that you are called to disturb your city or your town. You are called to release the power of God not only for your benefit, but for those around you. God desires to disturb the atmosphere around you so that others can get set free.

Paul never laid a hand on this girl; he simply spoke with authority in the name of Jesus and this girl was set free in that very hour. Paul’s annoyance at this spirit in operation led to deliverance and a disturbance in the atmosphere. He confounded the demonic influence by using an authentic weapon against this spirit of divination. We need to use our agitation with the enemy to disturb the atmosphere around us with the power of God!

The facets of disturbing the spiritual atmosphere

I believe that God desires to raise up radical disturbers in this hour. Those who are paying attention to the goings on in the spirit realm manifesting itself in the natural realm will begin to pull down strongholds. There are prayer warriors who are disturbing Satan’s kingdom at this critical time in history. They are annoyed with the status quo and the talk that sounds spiritual, but hold no power.

They are decreeing and declaring and they are making war with prophecies (1 Timothy 1:18). There are five fold ministry leaders walking in the path of righteousness and they are equipping the saints, fellow disturbers that refuse to be intimidated by the likes of an already defeated foe.

You must understand that as a disturber, you will encounter warfare and resistance. However, in the midst of it there is always an opportunity to pursue breakthrough for those around you, even when you yourself are in chains. For too long the church has tolerated the disturbance of the enemy. We have even sided with declarations from our adversary instead of casting him out and giving no place to him.

The call to be radical disturbers for God

It is time for the church to rise up and to disturb our cities and our towns with the declarations of heaven. We need to trouble the powers of darkness with our praise and worship unto the Lord. We need to unsettle the enemy in our nation by operating in the authority that was won back for us by our Champion, Jesus Christ.

I am calling for the radical disturbers to shake their cities and their regions and this nation for the glory of God. Put the occult and every other foul devil on the run in the name of Jesus by setting the captives free and interceding for repentance and holiness to reign in their midst. Let us be relentless in our prayers and intercession for our cities and for our nation. Let our disturbance set the precedence for the supernatural power of God instead of the devil modeling a counterfeit of God’s patent.

Instead of being so disturbed by what we seeing going on around us, the body of Christ should be disturbing this nation with the power of God. Disturb the atmosphere through prayer, intercession, miracles, signs, wonders and the audacious love of Christ. Do not get distracted, disturb and trouble the kingdom of darkness. You need not fear what you are commissioned to disturb.


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