A Prophetic Vision: Unorthodox Warfare & Seeds Awaiting The Blue Flame Revival


It was more than a week ago the Lord began to show me an internal vision during corporate worship. It was a fragmented scene  I was witnessing and it was intense. As I sought the Lord for more revelation, He revealed the remainder to me last Sunday.

This is one of the most detailed visions I have seen to date and I share it with humility because I do not want to release anything without His guidance. This vision revealed unorthodox warfare and the coming blue flame revival.

Unorthodox warfare erupts

The vision began abruptly with the word, victory. I saw this word in bold white letters and it was duplicated on a hillside. These words were moving quickly and I began to see what appeared as horse legs beneath each word, galloping and charging furiously into the valley below, kicking up the dirt and the dust as they went.  I noticed darkness all around yet I was able to see as this cavalry of victory went forth boldly into the dark.

The scene shifted back to the hillside and I saw soldiers standing along the hillside facing the valley, their swords pointed high over the valley. The soldiers then did something unorthodox; they thrust their swords into their mouths. They sheathed them for a moment only to remove their swords once again and resume their previous stance.

As they held their position, I began to see a white mist come off of the blades and settle into the atmosphere as a cloud high above the valley floor. This cloud did not seem to linger very long before it funneled downward toward the center of the valley floor, striking the ground and erupting into a massive blue bonfire.

In the midst of all this, I had noticed the silhouettes of people in the valley moving forward and backward. I would not come to understand what they were doing or the significance until days later. As the fire raged, I saw soldiers standing near the base of the bonfire and they were taking their shields and fanning the fire.

The blue flame births a movment

The scene shifted once more and I saw angels standing on the hillsides with large vials and they began to pour oil all down the hillsides, moving back and forth as they dispersed the oil that ran down into the valley, forming a river in front of the bonfire. The fire began to spread down the valley and up along the hillside.

It was at this point I noticed the landscape changed everywhere the fire consumed, transforming from dark and dead to bright and plush. The Lord said to me, “Seeds requiring fire and heat will germinate with this coming move. These seeds have been sown in times past and they have anticipated the fire so that dormancy can cease and germination can be released”. I saw rain come after the fire in order to bring the germination to fruition.

The importance of spiritual warfare

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we are in a spiritual battle. Otherwise there is no need for the armor of God if that is not the case. Many within the body of Christ have been in a time of great prayer, fasting and intercession in our nation recently and by doing so, we have chosen not to become entangled in civilian pursuits but rather we have set our aim to please the One who enlisted us (2 Timothy 2:4).

I believe we are seeing victory swiftly unleashed in our nation because a remnant has chosen to wage the good warfare on prophecies (1 Timothy 1:18). Though there is darkness all around, we are waging war on the valley through prayer, intercession and the release of the Word of the Lord.

We have taken the spiritual  military high ground along the hillside. We stand at attention with the sword of the Spirit as our standard and as we release His sword from our mouths, we release His Presence, His Spirit. We are changing the atmosphere through our authority in Christ in this hour and we are priming it for the greatest move of God yet to be seen.

What does all of this mean?

The Lord revealed to me that the movement I saw in the darkness was the people of God like flint rocks. They were striking themselves against His Word and ushering in the hottest part of the fire, the blue flame.  Soldiers of Christ were fanning the bonfire with their shields of faith as ministering spirits responded by drenching the landscape with oil.

Seeds of prayer, seeds of intercession, seeds of past prophetic declarations encased in resin from the anointing await in anticipation. They await the intense fire to release them to bloom and to change the current spiritual landscape as the latter rain nourishes their germination. This is a unified front and it is dependent upon an alert and holy bride without apology for the sake of righteousness, a bride unfettered in her passion for Christ.

I urge you in this hour to stand firm and to not waiver or compromise. When you are seated in heavenly places with Christ, you gain perspective as to why the armor of God is so vital. Let the sword of the Spirit be unsheathed from your lips and release the Spirit of God with His Truth. Set yourself like flint and surrender to God’s process of releasing oil from you and a spring of water (Deuteronomy 32:13, Psalm 114:8). Take your shield of faith and fan the blue flame of revival so that God’s desires and declarations generations old burst forth even in the midst of the valley.




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3 thoughts on “A Prophetic Vision: Unorthodox Warfare & Seeds Awaiting The Blue Flame Revival”

  1. Just this morning wrote a piece about the Word of God. Please note that I bless you for this Word. I fully agree. Just one thing: we are sanctified/transformed/fed/watered/conformed by the Word of God, by the Holy Spirit. The swords down our throats suggests that it will be Word IN US/CHRIST IN US in which we “dip” the blades. We battle with the Word in us. This Word (this dream/vision) is such a Word shared and ALL who received it, is thus armed. Those who do NOT have it, will have to do battle elsewhere, if at all. I say again, UNITY of faith is absolutely CRITICAL. Same Word, same vision, same strategy, same faith.
    Right now, we are in disarray. Speaking from South Africa, and indeed all over the world, for the MOST part, Christians face the SAME battle, but we go differently about it. We are not one Word.
    God bless!

  2. I am just reading this on December 2,2016.The fires that destroyed Gatlinburg, Tennessee and part of the Smoky mountains just happened a few days ago along with the wind 85 miles an hour and tornados in many states as well as Alabama….so much loss of life and beautifull trees.
    BUT I SEE GOD IN ALL of THIS , through your writing above.
    Thank you for this and I am looking forward to reading more from you soon.
    Please make sure I’m on the correct mailing list !

    God Bless you!

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