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Deep calls to deep. These were the words that I heard the Father speak to my spirit a week ago as I prepared to go to corporate worship on a Sunday morning. When I asked Him what this truly meant, I heard Him say, “The depths of Me calls out to the depths of Me in you.” It was a short yet profound revelation that stirred my spirit.

At the time I was not doing anything super spiritual according to man’s standards when He spoke this to me; I was getting myself ready for the day. I was not lying prostrate in the floor, groaning in the Spirit with the lights dim and my favorite worship song playing in the background, though those are precious times. Yet He shared this intimate revelation with me out of response to time previously sown in the secret place with Him.

That day ended up being a powerful day both corporately and individually and I have found myself meditating on the depths of God and His calling to the depths of Himself in us. This revelation has pierced my heart.  It is the acknowledgement from us that an infinite God has deposited the depths of Himself within us and by acknowledging this revelation of identity in Him, intimacy with Him is attainable, the kind of intimacy once encountered in the garden.

We are called to Intimacy with Christ

It is in this intimacy that we understand who we are in Christ. The bride of Christ is called to intimacy above everything else, to know Him in an intimate and passionate way. Intimacy is closeness. It is a call of the Father to have a relationship with His children, a cry of the Bridegroom to be intimate with His bride, a beckoning of the Spirit to rest upon His abode. We obtain true identity in intimacy with Him.

We live in such a time that the concept of being intimate has been contaminated with impurity and insincerity. There are those who would say they know God and that they know Christ, but their relationship goes no further than knowledge of His existence. It is a relationship of convenience and spans only the status of acquaintances.

Then we see those who engage in one night stands with God. This cheapens the encounter and make it into a moment dependent upon goose bumps and a thrill instead of a commitment of undying love and devotion come what may.  This should not be so. God sent His Son for His children and Jesus came as a dowry for His bride while preparing a temple for Holy Spirit.

To know Him intimately is to know the Father

In John 14, Jesus stressed the need to know (ginosko) Him and the Father after Thomas asked how they could know (oida) the way by which Jesus would go before them to prepare a place for them. It is beautiful how Jesus painted a picture of the Bridegroom going to prepare a place for His bride before coming back to take her to Himself, much like the Jewish tradition of their culture.

At first glance, when you study the words they each used, their use of the word know was very different. While Thomas was asking how to possess information or to obtain knowledge in His understanding (oida), Jesus responded with the way to possess intimacy in Him (ginosko). By knowing Him, they would know the Father. By knowing Him, they had also seen the Father.

It is out of this knowing (ginosko) and believing that the greater works come through His children, His bride. It is in this intimate way of knowing Him that we begin to know His ways and His nature and when we know His nature, we become more like Him in nature.

This is a covenant of marriage; it is sacred and should be treated as such. Psalm 22:3 says, “But You are holy, You Who inhabit the praises of Israel”. The word inhabit here is yasab and according to the Complete Word Study Dictionary it means, to endure, to dwell, to live, stay, to cause to sit; by extension, to marry with a focus that spouses live together. It all comes back to intimacy!

His desire is for us to know Him

God desires us to know Him and to be intimate with Him. He welcomes us to lay our heads upon His chest and to hear His heartbeat. He delights in those who take the time to sit at His feet, choosing the better portion that is Him. This is a God Who did not lift the veil, but He tore it in a violent and passionate act because He desired to kiss His bride. He is jealous for us and He desires us to be jealous for Him,  but we cannot attain intimacy with the Lord without first understanding our identity in His Presence.

Intimacy is not a dirty word that we should shy away from when it comes to God. He desires us to be close to Him and His desire is for us. He wants us to know Him and not just know about Him. He wants us to understand that He is calling to the depths of Himself in us so that we can begin to comprehend who we are in Him.

His true bride will be lovesick for Him, acting completely abnormal because her hearts burns for Him while embodying His nature to a dying and loveless world. The bride of Christ desires what He desires and she longs to be His Helpmate.  I challenge you today to find your identity in intimacy with Christ and to tune your spirit into hearing that call to the deep within you. He’s calling you unto Himself.

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  1. I love love love your words they so ring in my heart❤️️! I am praying the fullness of God’s heart be made evident in this hour and time!
    Thank you 😊 I will comment more after I study and pray!

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