The Father is saying: There is beauty in the breaking!



Have you ever looked upon a broken object shattered into a thousand pieces and thought to yourself, “That is beautiful and I love it regardless”? Many of us would take that shattered object and discard it, automatically writing it off as replaceable. We would never take the time to find every piece, every shard and every fragment, no matter how finite and insignificant and put it back together.

Our minds would be resolved in throwing it away because it would never look as it once did before it was broken and we would easily move on to the next beautiful thing appearing to be whole and worthy of our time. Recently, I heard the Lord speak these words into my spirit, “There is beauty in the breaking“. This may not be a revelation that makes  you jump and shout, but it is necessary because in order for the bride of Christ to be radiant with His Glory, a breaking must come in us personally and corporately.

Breaking leading to repentance

There is a holy breaking for us if we will yield to the invitation. As I thought about what God said, Psalm 51:17 came to me, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.” King David came before the Lord in a broken state of repentance. He had been corrected by Nathan and he acknowledged where he had missed the mark.

He loved God and he understood that God delighted in truth in the inward being (Psalm 51:6). He understood that God did not desire the burnt carcass of an animal for retribution. He wanted the essence of David, brokenness and all.

God cannot resist brokenness. He is drawn to it, whether broken by sin or broken for the depths of God, He is attracted to our willingness to break before His Presence.

Beautiful breaking leading to refining!

There is a brokenness in God catapulting us to a state of refinement before the Lord, positioning us into depths that we have yet to plunge. Smith Wigglesworth once said, “It seems to me as if I had had a thousand road engines come over my life to break me up like a potter’s vessel. There is no other way into the deep things of God but a broken spirit. There is no other way into the power of God.”

There are those who want to be close to God in proximity, but their pride keeps them from bending at His feet in humility. While walking on water is fascinating, it is superficial compared to the depths that await us in Him. In order to get to the depths we have to be willing to get low. That state of brokenness before the Lord is painful and uncomfortable. However, it is beautiful because this process is the accelerated path to transformation into His own reflection.

I believe that there is a brokenness needed within the body of Christ to deal with the issues of sin and unholy living. As the body of Christ, we tout the royalty card according to 1 Peter 2:9 at times dangerously puffing up with pride while soon forgetting that a king after God’s own heart broke himself in repentance before the Presence of the Almighty. Status does not change the need for repentance.

We must get the house in order! We need some Nathans to rise up in this hour to bring the unadulterated Word of the Lord to the house of the kingship with whom they have relationship in order that a cry can go forth from a place of brokenness and contrition for His Presence and His holiness. We have got to stop faking it and be real with God.

The holy breaking and holy birthing

There is another level of brokenness awaiting those longing for the depths of God. It is a holy breaking, a breaking leading to refinement and purity. It is a breaking that is breathtaking to the Bridegroom. I am not speaking of a depression or an emotional breakdown, but a breaking for the things of God.

It is a breaking longing to remove every barrier, every hindrance and every other lover that would take affection away from our First Love. It is a brokenness for the things that God loves and the things that He hates. When we surrender to that process, the promise comes forth.

The word broken in psalm 51:17 means to break, to burst, to break in pieces, to break down, to smash and to shatter. Interestingly, this word is also used to express the moment of bringing to birth.

The vision of the breaking

As I meditated on this entire revelation, I began to see individuals broken before the Lord surrendering to the breaking. When this happened, it opened the way for the bride to come together as one whole body, preparing her for the moment to bring to  birth great things in the Spirit.

The Lord is able to take what was once broken and transform it into something beautiful. He sees the beauty long before the finished product comes forth. Let me declare to you as someone who knows the brokenness all too well, there is beauty in the breaking!

For those hearing the call, yield to the process. For those in the middle of the breaking, do not abandon the process, no matter how ugly and uncomfortable it gets. For those who have come out on the other side of a season of breaking, keep surrendering to the process. Those who will break will bring to birth the things of God.

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