5 Important Reasons to Journal With God



I love journals. Whenever I walk past a rack of empty journals in a store, I cannot help but to stop and admire the covers, the pages and the prospect that one of these lovely books could be mine. I have a few journals that are yet to make history with God. My most favorite is one that is tattered and taped up along the sides so that it does not fall apart. It is a prized possession because it has made magnificent history with God.

Whether you have journaled for years or you have only dreamed of doing so, there is no better time than now to start making history with God by journaling. There are many reasons you may have as to why you do not journal, but the benefits of journaling with God outweigh every excuse you could conjure up in your mind.

Here are five important reason to journal with God (prayer, prophetic, fasting, etc.):

  1. Paper never forgets, but you will. There are moments with God that are absolutely life changing. These moments are found in the times alone with Him in prayer and intimacy. You may encounter the touch of God during a service when He begins to speak something into your spirit such as a promise, direction or revelation of His Word. You may have prophetic words that are released over you during a corporate gathering. Whatever it is, you need to write it down. Do not rely on yourself to remember that moment or to remember every word because you won’t. If possible, get a copy of a public word so that you can record it as it was given to you.
  2. Journaling makes monuments to remember. I have had seasons where it seemed like I was on the mountain tops and seasons where it seemed as if the valley was my abode. My favorite journal, that tattered one, has all kinds of memories in there between God and myself. Each entry is a monument that I can go back to in those seasons when I need to remember what God says about me and to me. They are times for me to remember when the vision seems slow to wait for it because it will not delay (Habakkuk 2:3). You need to be able to recall the things that He has spoken over you and what better way than to journal.
  3. Your entries may become public declarations. As intimidating as it may be to some of you, God may release you to share some of your entries in a corporate setting. I know, your journal is private. It is a vulnerable move to share your private times with Jesus. I can personally tell you of times that I was led to share my journal entries in corporate gatherings and my discomfort was a small price to pay for His exaltation and my obedience. It may never happen, but you need to be open to His leading for those times.
  4. We need to judge what we hear physically and spiritually with Holy Ghost honesty. Your journal is an invaluable tool to not only record words and remember words, but to judge the accuracy of prophetic words. We need to be accountable for the words that we release whether it be  into the air or onto paper.  When you write something down that you sense the Lord giving you, go back and reread it later. Be honest and search the Scriptures to see if it aligns with His Word. Test the accuracy of a prophetic word. It is possible to pen in a soulish realm and confuse it with the spirit. Discerning the difference comes with maturity and humility.
  5. Journaling makes the vision plain. The Lord told Habakkuk, “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”(2:2) When you have the thoughts of God clearly penned, you can run with the vision that He has for your life. I have read prophetic words spoken over my life in my journal and I am seeing them come to pass because I embraced the journey God designed for me. That is the desire He has for each of His children.

Journaling with God is an amazing experience. It is a journey you will not regret if you will make time to write down the heart of the Father. I encourage you to get a journal and begin writing with God today. Write down prayers. Write down the words He speaks softly to you. Write down songs that He gives you. Write it all down and grow with God. Make history with Him. He longs to share His heart with you.

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