An Oil Spill Is Coming!

Yesterday morning while in prayer, I heard the words, oil spill clearly in my spirit. There has been a lot of prophetic talk about oil and what God wants to do in this coming season and I believe this is an extension of what I am hearing in my spirit.

Oil represents the anointing of the Lord. It represents the Holy Spirit. Oil was used to anoint the priests for service in the Old Testament. Oil was poured onto the heads of kings by prophets so as to anoint them for their royal assignment. But somehow I knew that this amount of oil was not going to come from a small horn of oil or from a flask. This was a monumental amount of oil and it was noteworthy.

An oil spill changes things

We all have seen what a natural oil spill can do to an environment, the devastation it can bring and the long term effects years after the incident. Oil spills alter the landscape of an environment. Oil coats things and it sits on the surface when mixed with water, changing anything it contacts even in the shallows. Oil kills things and though much time is spent trying to clean up spills, the oil will still affect an environment for years to come.

This oil spill that is coming in the Spirit will devastate the kingdom of darkness. It is coming to change the landscape as we know it. The Word of God tells us that His anointing destroys the yoke (Isaiah 10:27) and that is what it intends to do.

This oil spill is no accident and though it is not man made, the body of Christ is instrumental in the saturation that will invade every crevice of our being. It will coat everything that it contacts, even those in the shallow waters. As the oil gets  inside of us, His anointing will kill the things of the flesh that need to die so that He may truly live within us.

The enemy will scramble furiously to “clean up” this oil spill, but he will not succeed. He will attempt to diminish its power with a counterfeit move, but to no avail. He cannot subdue it and its effects will be evident in generations. This is a fresh oil that is coming and with it comes new facets of His glory yet to even be comprehended within us.

Yesterday’s oil becomes comfortable

The oil once poured out in times past has become comfortable. We have grown accustomed to certain ways God wants to move, but with this fresh oil coming forth, fresh facets of His Presence will be released. We have to be willing to get uncomfortable and quit relying on the oil of yesterday to sustain us. The Lord has been doing tremendous things, but there is so much more He desires to reveal to us.

This oil coming forth with such intensity is erupting from uncapped wells of His Presence. It is coming forth from the flinty rocks in Christ, the ones from which His anointing and His Living water flows (Deuteronomy 32:13, Psalm 114:8). Where there is oil, fire can be sustained and His anointing guarantees a constant flame within us. The oil is for consumption, His all consuming fire. This is not a controlled burn when that much anointing is present. His fire does not apologize nor seek permission to burn. It simply burns.

We must understand the gravity of this hour. We belong to a God who set the moon and the stars in place with His fingers (Psalm 8:3). The physical size of His being is expansive. Imagine His horn of oil that is full and ready to be poured out on this earth. There is an oil spill coming and it is coming to change our current spiritual landscape. It will devastate the enemy’s camp while enriching His bride, making her fertile so that she can produce for His Kingdom while preparing for His return.

Let us usher in His fresh oil. Let us be counted among the anointed ones standing by the Lord of the whole earth because the anointed ones carry the fresh oil. Uncap the oil wells assigned to you and usher in the oil spill in the Spirit. Let us be that flinty rock, striking ourselves against the Word of God and igniting the oil that is to flow out from us.


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  1. I appreciated this post. It is definitely edifying to hear about an “oil spill” and a welcoming thought to anticipate more of the Holy Spirit presence and direction.

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