A Prophetic Vision Of Jezebel’s Pet: The Black Widow Spider


She was large and lurking in the corner of a basement. I knew what type of spider it was the moment I saw the red hourglass on her abdomen. I went from seeing this vision to seeing cobwebs in the front of residences I did not recognize.

Boldness began to rise up on the inside of me as I cursed the black widow, commanding her to die. I then found myself declaring the demise of her egg sac, prophesying destruction to every curse and every attack attempting to be birthed against the Kingdom of God.

This is not a normal word I would share, but I know and strongly believe that we are seeing an intensification of witchcraft in our midst in this hour. Sadly, it is operating not only in obvious demonic realms, but also from within the body of Christ among living stones.

Recently, I was praying and asking the Lord about some attacks occurring in my life and in the lives of seasoned leaders around me. It seemed the devil had upped the ante, and I wanted to discern what was manifesting. It was at this time I had an internal vision of a black widow spider.

The black widow’s nature

We all know that the black widow spider is venomous and dangerous in the natural. She is cannibalistic, at times eating her mate and even her own offspring. Paul warned in Galatians 5:15 of believers biting and devouring one another, leading to consuming one another. He then instructed the people to walk by the Spirit and not the flesh.

Christians operating in witchcraft will launch word curses over ministries they have left due to offense and rebellion. Submission to the authority of the Bridegroom is an issue, and this character defect is evident in the lack of submission to those placed in authority within the body of Christ. The Word tells us that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23).

You do not have to be conjuring up familiar spirits and chanting incantations to operate in witchcraft.  If it is contrary to the nature of Jesus Christ, then it is in partnership with the kingdom of darkness. We are called to put away malice, deceit, hypocrisy, and such because we are living stones being built up as a spiritual house (1 Peter 2:1,5). This spirit must be purged from among the rocks.

It is significant that the venom of the black widow causes muscle paralysis, particularly to the diaphragm. This is the muscle that aids in breathing. This spider represents the enemy attempting to impede the body of Christ from releasing the breath of God effectively. It wants to suffocate the move of Holy Spirit among the people of God, and it will inflict its venom however it deems necessary to achieve its goal. Some of you have been under intense attack by the enemy, and it has stifled your spiritual breath. Catch your breath and fight back with the Word of God and the Blood of the Lamb!

The black widow’s web has been disturbed

The web of the black widow is not a typical web. Her web appears uneven and chaotic, but despite its appearance, it is strategic and carefully planned, consisting of three structural levels. This prophetically mimics the Trinity, and its goal is to ensnare prey for destruction while serving as a fortress to the black widow. We must know those that labor among us. What appears on the surface is not always what lies beneath.

I discovered that the black widow depends on her web, and she is clumsy without it. In her absence, the web falls into disrepair, and she typically attacks when her web is disturbed, or if her egg sac is in danger. For those in ministry who are experiencing spiritual attacks and witchcraft, I want to tell you that one reason this is happening is because you have disturbed the enemy’s structure.

You have disturbed the web with the authentic Presence of God. You have not been moved by fear despite the warning of that red hourglass by the enemy. You have endangered the plots and schemes lurking in the egg sac, plans designed with intention against the bride of Christ.

Without the web of deceit, manipulation, and impurity, the enemy is thrown off balance. This spider is a pet of Jezebel because this web is her structure. Let us not be discouraged in this hour, saints. A remnant is disturbing the web of this black widow through the Word, prayer, and intercession, and that is the reason for heightened witchcraft in this hour. The carefully planned web of the enemy has been encroached upon by a people unrelenting in their pursuit of the Kingdom of God.

Make no mistake, the devil will not give up easily, but the enemy knows a fumigation of reformation is in the air because we as the people of God are not afraid to wrestle against principalities, powers, rulers over this present darkness, and spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12). This is not the time to back down, but to press onward and to reclaim ground level for Christ.

We must reject the operation of witchcraft from within the body of Christ. Repentance must come to those claiming light, but operating in darkness. We desperately need the gift of discernment activated in our lives. I encourage you to curse this black widow and her egg sac. Declare over your home and the corporate body of Christ that the breath of God will not be stifled. When we choose to operate in the authority given to us by Christ, the result is a web left in disrepair.




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3 thoughts on “A Prophetic Vision Of Jezebel’s Pet: The Black Widow Spider”

  1. Very interesting word. I had to think on it a minute and then I knew if was spot on. We have the same spider in Australia where it is called a Red Back. We have both the varieties here, natural and spiritual and this word has helped me. Thank you.

  2. Your vision put great voice to the message I’ve been trying to share with those that have been feeling the entanglement of the web. A great snare and crushing has come upon the body of Christ suddenly in these last few months. I see it at every turn.
    I identified it as the spirit of witchcraft but many could not see the connection…
    Thank you for your blog!
    Last year sometime I heard the Holy Spirit call out “SCRIBES ARISE” and I see He has definitely brought you up. Thank you for your passion and obedience. I can’t wait to read more.

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