Baal-Perazim- The Name Of Your Battlefield Matters!

Have you ever stepped into your God ordained assignment only to be opposed by a familiar enemy, an enemy you thought was conquered? I can testify to this very thing in my own life, and I am sure many of you can as well. I was standing in a corporate gathering recently when the Lord reminded me of the account at Baal Perazim in 2 Samuel 5. For those of you who have transitioned into your God ordained assignment, be encouraged in the face of opposition, and understand that the name of your battlefield reflects your relationship with the Lord.

In 2 Samuel 5, King David transitioned from being the King of Judah to being King over Israel. He stepped into his God ordained assignment, and when he did, an old foe came back to find him. The Philistines went searching for David upon hearing of his new status, spreading out in the valley of Rephaim while David abided in the stronghold.

David was already a king, but it was not until he stepped into his divine assignment as King over Israel that opposition showed up, an enemy wanting to believe they still possessed a giant by camping in the valley of the giants. The enemy likes to paint a picture of victory while licking his wounds from previous losses. He understands the significance of names because identity is found in the name. The Philistines did not account for the fact that Rephaim is also translated as “the dead”. Again, there is power in a name.

 The place where the Lord bursts forth

King David sought counsel from the Lord as to whether to go into battle against the Philistines, and the Lord guaranteed victory for David. The Word of God tells us in 2 Samuel 5:20,

And David came to Baal-perazim, and David defeated them there. And he said, “The Lord has burst through my enemies before me like a bursting flood. Therefore the name of that place is called Baal-perazim.

The Philistines left their idols on the battlefield, the place where the Lord bursts through, and they were burned by David and his men. The once ruddy faced boy was now a king, but His God had not changed and neither had his relationship with the Lord. David declared over that place who the Lord was to him, and he continued to be victorious over the Philistines. He did not leave His God on the battlefield, only His name because there is power in the Name.

The name of your battlefield matters

As I pondered on this, the Lord spoke to me about those in this hour facing similar circumstances. Some of you reading this have come into your God ordained time. The things that the Holy Spirit has spoken to you and released over you are upon you, and you are aligning with the vision of God. However, the enemy has heard of the transition, and he is sending opposition your way.

He wants to remind you of former foes and adversities that you thought you had conquered so that you will remain in an unfulfilled state rather than the King’s mandate. Though you do not see or hear the giant, the enemy comes with a name to breed fear and intimidation. He thinks he can win, but he has chosen a name unstable in its meaning. The enemy’s name cannot compare to The Name!

The enemy is picking a fight with those who are ever close to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, those who refuse to leave anything of their Savior on the battlefield but His name from their lips. He believes he will wage war on a ruddy faced boy with a sling, but he is coming up against royalty with a Lion lineage.

The name of your battlefield matters. It will prophesy the end result. It will testify of Him. Relationship with Christ requires us to receive His promises and His truth. If we do not partner with His declaration then we oppose His desired outcome. Saints, you will face adversity, but victory is found in the Name of Jesus and your relationship with Him. He will stand opposite you in the strength of the balsam trees and go before you in battle when you recognize His sound.

I want to encourage you to stand in your Baal-Perazim, the place where the Lord bursts through. Do not be moved from God’s ordained assignment because the enemy is on the move. Remain close to the Lord, always seeking His direction, and pay close attention to where you are standing in battle.  It holds more significance than you think.

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  1. Very timely word indeed! Making some strategic decisions to move forward in my assessment and am well aware of opposition- the reminder to keep the antenna up is pertinent!

  2. What a powerful,timely word. It allowed me to see from a totally different perspective. I am in the middle of a battle and it will help me stand strong. Thank you for sharing this. Blessings!

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