In The Absence Of Lion Tamers, The Church Comes Alive!


As I glanced around the room this past Sunday morning, I saw bodies prostrate in the altar, and I heard the cries and the worship of those pressing into the Lord. The service had taken a different course as the Holy Spirit manifested in our midst through us. I remained kneeling on the floor, pouring out my adoration to God, and grateful to be in such a place where He is permitted to have His way. This is what happens when the Lion is unleashed from within His people. This is what happens when lion tamers are abandoned.

The night before the service, I heard the words, “lion tamer” in my spirit. God directed me to the well known story about David dancing with all his might before the Presence of God while bringing the ark of the covenant to the city of David (2 Samuel 6). He reminded me that King David was part of the tribe of Judah, and he refused to keep the lion tame when in the Presence of the Lord. David made no apologies to his wife afterward, despite her demeanor toward him. He knew how to handle lion tamers. God desires for us to learn something from David.

Lion tamers in the church

The lion tamers are ever present within the body of Christ, manifesting in different ways. Truthfully, we all have an issue wanting to tame the Lion. Many step into a three ring circus every week, taking their chair of dignity and complacency, content to keep the lion at bay. There is no passion for God or His Presence. You may be wondering what chairs have to do with this. Chairs were used to tame natural lions. The chair legs caused a loss of focus. When we have no desire to press beyond our comfort zone, we lose focus of the One we are to adore.

Lion tamers also used whips in their circus acts, but it was all for theatrics. The Lord spoke to me about the whip and related it to our mouths. He showed me that many of us use our mouths like this whip. Our mouth should serve a purpose for Him, but many times, it is used for theatrics, a show. I am reminded of Matthew 15:8, “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” What good is it to crack a whip when there is no heartbeat for God?

The ultimate point of control and dominance in lion taming is in the act of placing one’s head in the lion’s mouth unharmed. This I believe is the pinnacle of a religious spirit. Jesus is the Head of the church, and yet there are those who want to domesticate the Lion, dominate Him, and place their head in His mouth so that they can be the mouthpiece for the body. Without the leading of the Holy Spirit and the true Head of the church, there is no power, and there is no revival. I want to challenge you today, do not fall into this trap.

Unleashing the Lion

Religion is content to cage the Lion. Authentic relationship with the Lord finds a way to unleash Him while operating in His order. As I think about King David and his lack of apology for being undignified, I wonder when we as the church will reach that state of being without apology for our radical love for the Lord. Lions do not apologize for being lions. When our concern for others’ thoughts about our display of worship overrides God’s desire to commune with us, we are under the influence of a lion tamer.

When the Lion comes on the scene in the absence of lion tamers,  man’s agenda is no where to be found. Submission to His Presence is not an issue. Pure abandonment abounds, and Jesus is able to transform us from faith to faith and glory to glory. This is why the devil hates authentic revival, and he fights it through confinement.

I want to encourage you to reject the urge to tame the Lion within you. Religion will not tame Him. He looks for those that long to burn with righteousness not of their own making. He looks for those that make no apology for their passion for Him. Christ wants you to run with Him and to roar for Him. Whatever it looks like, yield to His Presence, and unleash the Lion!




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3 thoughts on “In The Absence Of Lion Tamers, The Church Comes Alive!”

  1. Thank you for listening & declaring the mighty Word of the Lord – this is powerful and a clarion call to be abandoned worshippers of the Father. Praying chains be broken, scales removed and deceit eradicated as hearts repent and return. Thank you!

  2. Many who call themselves believers do not know the Scriptures or the Spirit of the Lord. We are God’s workmanship. Those who know and understand can only pray and speak out as you have done.
    Thank you.

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