The Lord Is Saying: My Refining Fire is a Holy Consummation


Are you crying out for the fire of God? For those of us desiring more of His Presence, we cry out for His all consuming fire. We love to tangibly feel His touch and His power wash over us in services and in our private time with Him. I know what that feels like to have His fire burn on the inside of you. It is overwhelming, and it is life changing. At least it should be. Yet I am convinced that we, myself included, do not comprehend the fullness and the cost of inviting the fire of God upon our lives.

I have been meditating on this word for months, having started this very blog post 6 months ago, and never feeling the release to finish it until now. The Lord has been speaking to me about the desire to be consumed by His Presence, His fire. Several nights ago, the Lord spoke this to me about His fire,

“My fire is a holy consummation. It is a sacred union. I will never disavow you. I will never break My covenant with you. Keep your vows and your covenant with Me. My passion for you will not be quenched. There are no dead embers around My throne. Let me consummate My bride with My all consuming fire. I will not be denied.”

I heard the words, “crowns of fire” in my spirit, and I saw a vision of a gold ring coming down over me and resting at my feet. Fire erupted from the ring and encircled me. Later, I saw this same ring of fire resting over the church. This is the holy consummation of His Presence. It is a habitation of purity and holiness that He desires for us to possess. He is slipping a wedding band on His bride, and He is desiring to reform us with His fire. It is a crown of glory, but glory has a price.

His fire commands fidelity

Hebrews 12:29 says that our God is an all consuming fire. The Greek word for consume here means, “properly consume all the way (up to down)”.  There is a difference between a touch and being fully consumed by God. The problem comes in not recognizing the difference. The fire of God touching you is not the same as His fire consuming you. We can bear the mark of having been near the fire and never be completely changed by His fire. The authentic fire of God always transforms us so that we reflect the Bridegroom.

I think of Judas as he followed Christ for three and a half years. He displayed the outward appearance of being with Christ. He communed with Jesus, and he bore the title of a disciple of Christ, but he was not consumed by His holiness. He betrayed the Vessel of fire with a kiss. Isn’t it heartbreaking that a simple display of intimacy revealed Judas’ lack of fidelity? Those thirty pieces of silver he collected for his infidelity were more refined than Judas.

The Lord desires to properly consume us all the way, up to down, as in the vision I saw. His fire is not intended for just superficial and fleshly manifestations, but it is a consummation of all we are for all that He is. When we invite His fire, we are inviting refining, a continual process that causes every impurity within us to rise to the surface before perfection is ever manifested.

Refining is for the committed

I have such an urgency upon me now to release this word. I say this without desiring to bring condemnation: many want to feel the power of His fire without enduring the refinement of His fire. We are in an hour when Jesus is beckoning His bride to recognize her place hidden in Him. He is our Crucible, the One who holds us as we are purified by the fire of God.

Many want elevation in the Spirit, but they do not want to be refined. When gold is refined, the dross rises first. Understand that before the fire of God elevates you, it elevates the impurities in your life so that they can be removed by God. When we go from faith to faith and glory to glory, His fire intensifies in our lives, and those hidden things keeping us from reflecting Christ fully are brought to the surface so that they can be resolved. No one is exempt from this process.

Gold is not worth anything until it is purified. We must treat the fire of God with reverence and not ask for it unless we are willing to submit to refinement. Refined gold is transparent, As the refiner gazes upon the surface of the gold, he is looking for his reflection, untainted by the dross. The Lord desires purity and transparency in His bride. She has nothing to hide when she is pure. There are no accusations of dross to be brought before the Lord by satan when she is submitted unto Christ. He sees His reflection without hindrance upon those who have surrendered to the Refiner’s fire.

I want to challenge you and encourage you in this hour to surrender to His fire. Do not settle for a momentary thrill or touch of the fire at a corporate meeting or a conference. Do not settle for a rendezvous in His Presence. He longs to consume you and to crown your entire being with fire. He longs for His body to burn incessantly rather than sporadically. He wants to see His face reflected upon your life, and He wants you to surrender to the glory of refinement. It is in the consummation that eternal change takes place, and we go from witnessing the burning bush to becoming a burning bush. Be crowned with His authentic fire, and burn, baby! Burn!


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7 thoughts on “The Lord Is Saying: My Refining Fire is a Holy Consummation”

  1. This is excellent thank you soooo much for not rushing this word God was giving you. I would love to be on any chain prayers you have for those who are desiring this fire touch. I am under the fire and or the fire is burning in me continually i think. Some days i don’t think i can handle it any more. My fire right now is living with my husband unequally yoked i am need of prayer and would love more insight.

  2. Thanks for an on-time word…I was in the presence of God a few days ago..and felt the fire of God so strongly upon me and I clearly heard Him said: I am burning everything of the flesh that is in you through my fire that is coming upon you now….since then I feel totally different my spirit…nothing matters to me anymore only Jesus matters

  3. This comes at the perfect moment as He has desired a scent be created through me from knowing him. Then it will draw people to Him,

  4. I have felt this fire and wondered if it was the fire in the bones of the prophet. It was during a time of great inner pain and conflict. Am wanting so desperately to “hear” Him now. No one to share with.

  5. Thanks be to God for someone like you.
    Please pray with in other to be saturated with such power of the Holy Spirit. Over a month now, i have been praying and longing for the fire of God in my life.

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