Listen For His Wind In Your Red Sea Moment!

Can you hear the breath of God in the challenging times? I have a word for those of you standing in a place of seeming entrapment. The Lord directed me to Exodus 14 recently, and He revealed some prophetic teaching about Red Sea moments. There are some of you being set up for such a moment as this, and your Red Sea moment holds the breath of God to make a way for victory.

In Exodus 14, we find that the Israelites have been instructed by God to turn back after coming out of Egypt and encamp before Pi-hahiroth, a place meaning the mouth of water. From this area, the Israelites would be facing toward Baal Zephon, a mountain named after a false god known by the Egyptians to be an authority over the water, but would prove to be powerless against the True and Living God.

 As Pharaoh’s men pursued God’s people, the Israelites found themselves murmuring and complaining against Moses and the Lord, partnering with bondage instead of blessing. But Moses answered the people,

“Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will work for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again. The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”

Silence to hear His breath

What comes out of you in the midst of adversity? If what comes out of you are words that partner with the enemy, you will never hear the wind of God coming to blow on your situation. There are times when silence is golden before the Lord. Our willingness to get quiet in His Presence drowns out fear and doubt trying to surface. The people of God stood in a prophetic moment. They had been set up at the mouth of water, and God was getting ready to make a way through the Red Sea with a blast of His nostrils. He wanted their location to speak for them because their mouths were full of defeat.

It may feel as if the enemy is bearing down on you, and you may not understand why you are in the place you are now, but God makes a way where there seems to be no way. Words of doubt and contention will only add to the barrier before you. God wants His people to trust Him and to extend their faith like Moses extended His hand over the water so that the barrier is no more. 

Victory comes on the wind of God

In the dark of night and in the looming silence from the people of God, the pillar of cloud moved behind the people, becoming a lamp to their feet and a shield from their enemy. The wind of God blew and divided the waters, without a drop left behind. The Israelites walked onto dry ground. There was nothing to delay their departure, nothing to entrap them before their enemy. It was a completed work on the path to victory.

You need not wonder if the land you stand on in your Red Sea moment will be dry. God does nothing less than a completed work when you trust Him. Even when things seem their darkest, Jesus is your light and your salvation. Fear nothing! There is victory in the wind of God, dry ground before the mouth of water, and an enemy that will be swept away before the Living God.

Be encouraged today to not despair at those Red Sea moments. Look around! God is displaying His authority over the enemy. He is moving behind you, shedding light on your situation in your darkest moments. He is directing you to the mouth of water so that He can breathe on your impasse, causing it to part before you. He does a completed work so you can cross onto ground that will not bog you down, but will carry you to certain victory. He is making His Presence known, and He leaves no question as to Who is the Lord. Do not despair when you face those Red Sea moments. The Lord is getting ready to fight for you. You need only to be silent, and listen for His wind.

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8 thoughts on “Listen For His Wind In Your Red Sea Moment!”

  1. Too many saints faint at the mouth of the water, and instead of standing still (to then move forward), they renounce the victory. It has been said that the darkest moment is just before dawn. In this case, it would seem that the fiercest battles happen just before victory breaks forth. It comes down to a matter of trust and experience. We can trust the Lord based on His word for the expected end when at the water’s mouth. And we can also glean from our past experiences of the many times He took us through on dry ground. Blessings from Peru, Pastor Adam Fowler

  2. Wow! Literally last night (7-11-17) in prayer God gave me the message “I AM still the God that parts the seas”, followed by a whole prophetic word based on the Red Sea illustration for a family with desperate financial needs. Many of the points you shared, God brought up in that prayer. I myself have a big financial need and I felt God was speaking the word to me as well. I am just blown away to read this word this morning. God is reinforcing His point! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  3. Tremendous word from the Lord, and well said! Thanks! I receive this word today in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  4. Thanks so much for spot on insight! I came across this blog tonight as I had been crying out to Papa in a dark time. The words literally jumped off the page and gave me hope and courage to be still,stand and trust Jesus. Grace and faith and Love to you dear one.

  5. I love the part about being silent before the Lord! There’s nothing I can say or add to what He’s doing – I don’t even know what He wants to accomplish in my life right now! I hear Him saying “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.” I just want Him to accomplish whatever it is He has for me in this next phase of my life.

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