A Holy Paradigm Shift Is Upon The Church

As I released this word before the intercessors in our church recently, the Presence of God gripped me in such a way that I could sense this word shifting me personally. Last week in my private time, I heard these words in my spirit, “Get your affairs in order”.  It seemingly came out of nowhere, but I knew that the Holy Spirit was sharing a word with me extending beyond my own personal existence. I thought about these words for a day or so until I heard the words, “paradigm shift” in my spirit. The Lord was putting a word in me to share with the body of Christ, and it has stirred in me ever since. These two separate words are linked, and He wants our attention. A holy paradigm shift is upon us. Do we want it?

A paradigm shift is defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as “a time when the usual and accepted way of doing or thinking about something changes completely”. Paradigm shifts are found throughout the Word of God, and our time is no different. The church has created usual and acceptable ways to conduct things, and God is looking to change it completely.

The paradigm shift coming is not only full of glory and intimacy, but it brings with it a call to holiness and consecration. This is an inward work as we surrender to His will and His heart. It is infectious and countercultural. We cannot comprehend the fullness of the vision. However, one thing is for sure-we are to be prepared and to get our affairs in order as the body of Christ.

Dying for the shift

When I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me about affairs, I thought of a person who is dying and preparing to leave one realm of existence in order to enter another. This person is told to tie up any loose ends so that their family is not left with unresolved matters that lead to an impending mess. The body of Christ is called to die to our agenda and our ways so as to embrace His Kingdom. We have many affairs in our midst that need His order and not our opinion. Getting our affairs in order is being about the Father’s business.

There are loose ends in the family of God, unresolved issues in our hearts and emotions full of compromise, apostasy, and lawlessness, involving matters already settled by the truth of His Word. Changing the way we do things and stepping into this holy paradigm shift involves dealing with the issues of our time and eliminating the gray areas, which in truth, do not exist.

It is time to position ourselves for the shift as God desires for His people to have His name and His Word etched on the deeds to their hearts. He is drawing those refusing to shrink back from death to self. It is a shift intended for the entire body, a unified movement and not a dismemberment, and it requires the body submitting to the Head for instruction and direction.

Embracing the shift

Ministries are going to flow differently in this paradigm shift. Messages will change as the Lord gets the ear of His ministers, and a hunger will stir in the spirit man for His nature to possess every fiber of our being. Those hearing the voice of God will abandon recycled sermons and messages scheduled a year in advance for the now word of God. A remnant will cry out for hearts to burn instead of ears to itch. I hear the Spirit of God saying that the altar will be relevant once again as His kindness leads men and women to repentance.

Manifestations of the Holy Spirit will heighten, transcending previous visitations, and on the winds of these manifestations, a return of reverence for the Lord will come. The fear of the Lord will be relevant to the church once again, seeping out of our pores and infecting an atmosphere without walls. Jesus is leading us back to the truth of His Word and revelation of His holy nature. This is but a fraction of what is to come in this paradigm shift.

Understand that many prophetic words are contingent on us and our willingness to say, “yes”. Prophetic mandates are designed to get us moving in the right direction, and that direction leads to Him. I encourage you to give God your “yes”, and to yield to this holy paradigm shift that is upon us. Saints, let us get our affairs in order as one body with one mind, the mind of Christ. Let’s get in position to usher in the next great move of God. The shift is upon us!



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8 thoughts on “A Holy Paradigm Shift Is Upon The Church”

  1. Just wanted to encourage you. I hear a lot of prophetic messages from well known prophets and apostles, but yours is very fresh and honest. Something that isn’t very common nowadays.

  2. Such a confirming word!! About 8-9 years ago, my husband and I were looking at a building to rent with our pastor and his wife. After touring the building and deciding to rent it, we were standing on the sidewalk talking about it when out of my mouth came these booming words from the Lord: ‘ It is no longer the time to represent Me but rather to manifest Me!’ This was probably the most powerful and serious word to come through my mouth at that time and I have never been the same since. This word about a paradigm shift is a major reminder of how we simply can no longer choose to ‘represent’ Jesus or stand in the place of Him but absolutely must give ourselves over to Him and let Him manifest through us. Like Jesus, we are here to do the works of OUR Father! Praise Him!!

  3. Dear Dawn,

    Your prophecy about the paradigm shift confirmed the word I have been looking for. The LORD has told me what the shift is to be, and I have been checking with prophets to confirm.

    If you are moved to explore this word would you contact me at my email. It is very long, and involved, and I would prefer not to have it in the public until I am sure I have smoothed some of the edges and say in a way that would make God look good. 🙂

    Love, blessings and shalom,

    Susan Browne
    FB: End Time Digest

  4. Your message is so well written and bold without being brash. It is the message that has resonated in me the past three months as well and if the Holy Spirit is driving the paradigm truck, we’re shifting from first to second gear right now. Jesus is asking disciples in the truck-bed and to hang on tight as the journey unfolds. God bless you! I’ve linked this message on my Facebook page (which I almost never mess with) and have sent it to my friends. I’ll keep you in prayer daily as God keeps giving you messages that some won’t want to hear, but you’ll be led to share.

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