Prophets Of Presence, Arise In Your Territories!

“Speak, Lord. Your servant is listening.” These are the words I heard a few days ago as I was in a time of prayer. The Lord directed me to 1 Samuel 3, and He spoke to me through this passage about prophets of Presence emerging within regions and territories. I want to share with you what the Holy Spirit shared with me.

In this well known passage, we find that Samuel lived in a time when the word of the Lord was rare, and there was no frequent vision. It was a dark time, and the vision of Eli was failing, but the time of the prophets was on the horizon as Samuel ministered to the Lord under Eli. Though Samuel served in the temple, Scripture makes it clear that he did not yet know the Lord, and the word of the Lord had not yet been revealed to him (1 Samuel 3:7). But Samuel was getting ready to have an encounter with the Lord that would propel him into his purpose as a mouthpiece for God.

Prophets of the Presence of God

Samuel laid in the vicinity of the ark of the covenant when the Lord spoke to him. Understand that the ark is type and shadow of the Presence of God. It is a place of cohabitation with the Holy Spirit. The Lord is drawing those who will lay down in His Presence so that they can be people of His Presence.

This is a vital realm for prophets. The call of a prophet does not rest upon a mantle, but upon the One who mantles. Relationship and intimacy with Christ is vital. It is possible to serve the Lord out of obligation while never knowing him or recognizing His voice. It happened to Samuel. All of that can change, however, when we recognize and respond as sheep who know His voice.

Twice Samuel heard the voice of the Lord, but it was after he received instruction from his spiritual father that he was able to respond and listen to the voice of God for a third time. The word released to Samuel was not a word he delighted in releasing to Eli, but his obedience resulted in him growing in the Lord, and the Word of God tells us that the Lord was with him, and He let none of his words fall to the ground (1 Samuel 3:19).

Frequent vision and the Word of the Lord

As I meditated on this passage of Scripture, the Holy Spirit started speaking to me about the prophets of Presence He is raising up in this hour. Jesus is still speaking to His people and through His Word. He is calling you by name. Some have been in His Presence, but they have not been people of His Presence. There is a difference. One brings you before Him while the other becomes one with Him. One leaves Him in a location while the other has chosen cohabitation. We need prophets of Presence, the Presence of God Almighty, in this hour.

Prophets, you are needed because there are regions and territories where the vision is not frequent and the Word of the Lord is rare. I heard the Holy Spirit say there are regional prophets in these territories being called out to release the vision and the Word of God that has been held back due to man’s agenda and demonic strongholds. There are spiritual fathers needing fresh vision and fresh intimacy with the Lord. These regions may look dark, but when prophets of Presence emerge, His light pushes back the darkness.

I see prophets of His glorious Presence coming that not only hear the voice of the Lord, but they are postured in submission, listening to what Jesus has to say. I see prophetic voices rising in regions as they partner with the Holy Spirit to change the spiritual climate in these territories. As prophets take their position and embrace their identity, I see dark looming clouds over regions being pushed back by the glory cloud.

I hear prophetic utterances going forth, originating from the heart of God, incapable of falling to the ground because the Lord is found in the words released.  There are regions awaiting the vision and the authentic Word of the Lord. Arise, prophets of Presence! Answer the call to your region and assigned territory. As He extends the invitation, may He hear our response, “Speak Lord, Your servant is listening”.






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6 thoughts on “Prophets Of Presence, Arise In Your Territories!”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful post. Rend your heart and not your garment, for this is the hour, is what the Lord is saying to me this hour. I have spent too much time moaning and groaning and have strayed from the mountain of the Lords’ presence.

    Your spiritual insight gives me strength and purpose and I thank God for you. Developing intimacy with the Holy Spirit of Jesus is what my heart cries out for.

  2. What a timely word in this hour!
    I cannot help but feel that you are included amongst those your article speaks of, as a mouthpiece who intimately abides in His presense, shining light into the darkness like a beacon.
    I am certainly drawn by that beacon.

  3. I believe that as a prophetic bride we are all people of His Presence. As we walk in the spirit we will bring forth the light of his Spirit to a dark world & change the atmosphere and His glory will shine territory by territory. Amen!

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