God’s Glorious Conduit For Heavenly Interruptions

Heavenly interruptions are coming. This spontaneous song bubbled up out of my spirit during a Tuesday morning prayer meeting. The next thing I heard seemed strange but relevant, “We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring breaking news.” The Lord was speaking, and He was making His desire clear to bring heavenly interruptions to His people and through His people. The Holy Spirit dropped more revelation in my spirit about being a conduit of His Heavenly interruptions. I believe these Heavenly interruptions are coming not only on a personal level, but they are coming on a corporate level.

Designed to interrupt

The Word of God demonstrates instances where men and women of God were used to bring Heavenly interruptions. I think of David interrupting the broadcast of a ranting demonic giant with breaking news of victory, or the prayers and petitions of a king and a heavenly interruption of worship rising on the battlefield in 2 Chronicles 20 that ushered in confusion and defeat among the enemy armies.

I think of Jesus ministering healing and deliverance to those He came in contact. He calmed a storm. He made the blind to see and the lame to walk. He raised the dead and cleansed lepers. He was One with the Father. He interrupted the regularly scheduled program on the earth to bring breaking news: the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, and what turned the world upside down became right side up in the Spirit.

Jesus’ disciples were commissioned by Him to be Heavenly interrupters. They had a wonderful teacher. That commission has never ceased. We are conduits for Heavenly interruptions. We are designed to interrupt the regularly scheduled program of sickness, disease, poverty, bondage, and brokenness with breaking news of the fullness of God. We must steward this well!

Conduits for His Kingdom

A conduit is defined as “a channel for conveying water or other fluid”. Jesus was a conduit for the Holy Spirit, the Source of the Living Rivers. There was no stagnation found in Him, the stagnation seen when acting as a holding pond. The body of Christ has mastered the way of a reservoir, but we were not designed to hold. We were made to release. We are the legal spiritual access by which His Spirit can be displayed upon this earth.

There are three things God highlighted to me as a Heavenly conduit for Heavenly interruptions. The first is partnership with His Word and His nature. In every instance found in the Word of God where Heaven interrupted, God found people to partner with His Word and His nature. Conduits are willing to receive what they were meant to carry all along, and they partner with that flow to see it move forward. When you act as a conduit for Heaven, you are demonstrating the truth of His Word and the nature of the Father.

The second thing to understand is that being a conduit for Heavenly interruptions disrupts the plans of the enemy. I truly believe that if we understood the power of God we have inherited through Christ, we would pray purposefully and with ferocity. We would follow in the dust and the footsteps of Jesus and let these Living Rivers flow, causing the devil to lose his footing in people’s lives and be swept up in the undertow while the captives walk on water. Saints, stop making the devil bigger than God. You have been given authority by Jesus Christ. Use it!

Finally, Heavenly interruptions will disrupt the natural as we know it so that the Kingdom of Heaven becomes the new natural. This principle is evident time and again in the Word, particularly in the Book of Acts. You and I were made to turn the world upside down. God is bringing Heavenly interruptions to us and through us so that the plans contrary to the Lord’s are disrupted. He wants to partner with us, interrupting the regularly scheduled program with breaking news.

It is breaking news of chains busting and setting the captives free, church included. This breaking news gives the Holy Spirit rule and reign to have His way. It is breaking news within corporate gatherings and in the daily routines of our lives. I believe God is dealing with the hearts of ministry leaders to surrender it all so that He can interrupt the programs and the neatly set bulletins and planned agendas with His own bulletin: when He has His way, perfect flow and order is established.

God is dealing with us on a personal level to interrupt someone’s regularly scheduled program of sickness or depression outside the four walls of the church and bring them breaking news of a Kingdom that is at hand. The question is, are we willing to be interrupted by Heaven to bring a Heavenly interruption to those needing a touch from the Father? Be a conduit for His glory. You were made for more!

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  1. God interrupted my regularly scheduled life plan and opened my eyes & heart to following Him down a completely different path.

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