Tell The Devil You Are Coming, And Heaven Is Coming With You!

It is not uncommon for the Holy Spirit to speak to me and to share things with me that are on the Father’s heart. It is unusual, however, to hear something triggered by a random memory of a movie seen years ago. While in prayer recently, I had a fleeting thought about a scene in a western I had seen years ago. It was a pivotal point in the movie, and the statement struck fear into the heart of the villain. But then I heard the Lord reword the statement. He said, “Tell the devil that you are coming, and heaven is coming with you.”

I understand saying this may offend your sensibilities. After all, why would the Lord use such a thing in order to speak to me? I do not have an answer that will suit the masses, and I am content in that because I know enough to know that God is not limited by our finite understanding. God has used donkeys as mouthpieces and open visions of animals in a sheet from heaven to reveal His truth. He is not looking for our approval, but our agreement, and as this reverberates in my spirit,  I am bent on pillaging the enemy’s camp.

What kingdom are you manifesting?

I remembered this statement as I participated in a community event two days later. The Lord highlighted a few ladies to me at this event.  God provided words of knowledge to me for one lady, and in doing so, she received healing in her mind and body as I prayed over her. Though in a secular setting, I made a choice to manifest the Kingdom of God. We tolerate devils manifesting and wreaking havoc in this world. It is high time for the body of Christ to manifest the Kingdom of God and to send the devil fleeing in terror.

Here is the deal. You and I are not of this world. We are on loan from heaven, and we are here to turn the world upside down. We are on assignment every day. We are commissioned to manifest God’s Kingdom through healing, deliverance, and prophecy, to name a few. Many of us battle fear, but we must understand that fear is foreign to one Kingdom and a currency to another. Jesus has never known fear. The devil banks on you and me operating in fear and intimidation. He magnifies his kingdom with our partnership of receiving generational curses, sickness, mental warfare, and the list goes on.

As I continue to ponder on this resounding word, I see a vision of the church nailing prophetic declarations and decrees from the Word of God to the gates of hell. I see a body rising up in the midst of darkness and despair, and I hear a shout coming forth that is striking fear into the heart of our adversary. You see, he fears a man or a woman walking in the revelation of Christ, those who will plunder his camp while returning fear to sender.

Go, and take heaven with you!

There are some of you reading this that have struggled with generational curses in your family. Some of you have chronic illness in your family tree. Let me remind you that the Blood of Jesus speaks a better word. Whether it be physical illness, mental illness, or poverty that has spanned generations, the curse stops when you choose to manifest the Kingdom of God in your life. You need to give the devil notice that you are coming, and heaven is coming with you.

Matthew 11:12 says that the Kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force. Another way to understand this is having as much zeal and eagerness similar to a person that would lay hold of and carry off as their own the spoil of a defeated city. The kingdom of darkness has pillaged and plundered, and they have the spoils of battle. We need to recover all as David did. We need to lay hold of the promises of God and declarations originating from His Kingdom with zeal, understanding that when we do, we are to go and help others lay hold of His promises and victory.

I encourage you today to get fierce with your claim to the fullness of God in your life and in the lives of those around you. Give the darkness notice that you are coming, and heaven is coming with you to recover all. Snatch souls from the grips of the enemy. Be bold and pray for those you encounter in your day-to-day life. Manifest the Kingdom that has deemed you an ambassador of Christ. This declaration has empowered me to deny fear and generational curses while returning fear to the enemy’s camp. I am coming, and heaven is coming with me!



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  1. I loved This! In fact I watched that movie for the umpteenth time last year, and God spoke those same words to me!! I made a declaration and closed my article with it! So awesome.

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