Your Greatest Connection to Glory and Promotion

I love talking to Abba, and I love spending time with Jesus. His Presence is priceless. Since I came to know Christ, I have had some wonderful talks with the Father, and I have had some gut wrenching moments of correction. When we talk, it is a dialogue. I am not speaking to the air or to an imaginary friend, but I am conversing with I AM. He has a way of melting my heart like wax with one word.

Driving home a few days ago, I was talking to God and thanking Him for connecting me to people in my life.  This year has been a whirlwind for me. Over a year ago, I stepped out in faith, leaving my medical profession behind and coming after Jesus. I felt like one of the disciples as Jesus walked by and said, “Follow Me”. It always seemed odd to me that fishermen, tax collectors and a doctor would drop everything at the invitation of a man they did not even know as He walked by them. It made no sense to me until it happened to me, but I recognized the deep calling as they did, and I laid it all down to come after Him. I had no idea what awaited except that I was to write and to minister on another level. It was a leap of faith onto a runner’s path with the wind of His Spirit propelling me onward toward the high call in Christ Jesus.

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Hardened Hearts And Severed Limbs Within The Body Of Christ

These were not the type of hearts I expected to see on Valentine’s Day. It was a dreary landscape capturing my attention in a split second. As I prayed in the Spirit yesterday morning, I began to get a picture and in this picture was a line of caskets with hearts of stone inside each one. It grieved me to see these hearts.

I wanted to see them beating, releasing the cadence of that familiar sound John the Beloved heard as he laid his head upon the chest of Jesus. I began to hear the words of Ezekiel 36 spoken over these hearts and I knew that transformation was on the winds of His breath. God’s desire to see these hearts beat once again was being branded upon my heart and His Presence arose on the inside of me to release a prayer for transformation and unification within the bride of Christ.

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5 Important Reasons to Journal With God



I love journals. Whenever I walk past a rack of empty journals in a store, I cannot help but to stop and admire the covers, the pages and the prospect that one of these lovely books could be mine. I have a few journals that are yet to make history with God. My most favorite is one that is tattered and taped up along the sides so that it does not fall apart. It is a prized possession because it has made magnificent history with God.

Whether you have journaled for years or you have only dreamed of doing so, there is no better time than now to start making history with God by journaling. There are many reasons you may have as to why you do not journal, but the benefits of journaling with God outweigh every excuse you could conjure up in your mind.

Here are five important reason to journal with God (prayer, prophetic, fasting, etc.):

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The Fast That Births The Hunger Pangs Of Intimacy

Intimacy with Christ
Bridegroom fast

What would you deny yourself if it meant having the fullness of Christ manifested in your life? Is there a depth in you aching for the things of God and for His Presence in an incomprehensible way?As I sit here meditating on the beginning of this new year, my stomach is grumbling and hunger pangs are hitting me.

It is the grumbling and the discomfort that comes when flesh is put under to pursue Him. My body is persistent in reminding me that it wants food, but instead, I down some water and I keep pressing. My mind conjures up favorite meals and delightful treats, but my spirit craves the sweetness that only He can supply.

Many of us are ringing in the New Year with corporate fasting. We are fasting for direction, breakthrough and new levels. All of those things are important and yet there is a fast that surpasses all other desires and expectations. It is the fast leading to romance of monumental proportions, the fast beckoning to personify the bride of Christ. Continue reading “The Fast That Births The Hunger Pangs Of Intimacy”

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The Father is saying: There is beauty in the breaking!



Have you ever looked upon a broken object shattered into a thousand pieces and thought to yourself, “That is beautiful and I love it regardless”? Many of us would take that shattered object and discard it, automatically writing it off as replaceable. We would never take the time to find every piece, every shard and every fragment, no matter how finite and insignificant and put it back together.

Our minds would be resolved in throwing it away because it would never look as it once did before it was broken and we would easily move on to the next beautiful thing appearing to be whole and worthy of our time. Recently, I heard the Lord speak these words into my spirit, “There is beauty in the breaking“. This may not be a revelation that makes  you jump and shout, but it is necessary because in order for the bride of Christ to be radiant with His Glory, a breaking must come in us personally and corporately.

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Identity In Intimacy


Deep calls to deep. These were the words that I heard the Father speak to my spirit a week ago as I prepared to go to corporate worship on a Sunday morning. When I asked Him what this truly meant, I heard Him say, “The depths of Me calls out to the depths of Me in you.” It was a short yet profound revelation that stirred my spirit.

At the time I was not doing anything super spiritual according to man’s standards when He spoke this to me; I was getting myself ready for the day. I was not lying prostrate in the floor, groaning in the Spirit with the lights dim and my favorite worship song playing in the background, though those are precious times. Yet He shared this intimate revelation with me out of response to time previously sown in the secret place with Him.

That day ended up being a powerful day both corporately and individually and I have found myself meditating on the depths of God and His calling to the depths of Himself in us. This revelation has pierced my heart.  It is the acknowledgement from us that an infinite God has deposited the depths of Himself within us and by acknowledging this revelation of identity in Him, intimacy with Him is attainable, the kind of intimacy once encountered in the garden.

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