The Revival of Mantles & The Raising of Shofars


The sounds and the heartbeat of revival have been on my heart for quite some time. Personal revival is the cry of my heart. We cannot give out what doesn’t possess us first. I am blessed to be a part of a ministry that refuses to hinder Holy Spirit and is fiercely pursuing God’s heart for revival in our region, our nation and the nations of the earth. The Lord speaks to me through internal visions quite often and on September 29, 2013, He showed me a vision during a worship service I would like to share.

As I worshiped that morning I began to see a hillside and an atmosphere of water hanging over the land. I heard a sound over the hillside…drums and shouting and a sound that grew louder ¬†as the ones creating the sound approached the top of the hillside. I heard God speak of desperation- desperate people refuse to be quiet. Hungry people do not stay quiet and thirsty people do not stay silent. There is a roar that must come forth for the more.

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