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Welcome to my heart’s home, the place where it finds its rhythm with heaven. You have crossed the threshold and walked into the secret place, a place that is made for the likes of you. This blog is a place of claiming identity in Christ, whether it be found in the intimate and personal moments in His Presence or the bold roar resonating within the deep parts of the Living God residing on the inside of you. This blog is not for me, it is for you.

My name is Dawn Hill, and I am a writer and blogger. I am the Lovesick Scribe.


The inspiration behind Lovesick Scribe came about a few years ago when I started keeping a journal, following a powerful encounter with God’s Presence. Since that time, I have faithfully kept my journal and ministered at times on things that the Lord has given me to release. As I step out into the deeper realms with God, my desire is to maintain obedience and innocent faith as His child.  I am a wife, a mother, a prophetic voice, and above all else, a lover of His Presence. My desire through this blog is to stir up passion on the inside of you to glorify the Lord, to fall in love with Him, and to hear His voice for yourself. There is so much more that He longs to reveal to us and through each of us. I ache for His Presence ,and I desire to share His heartbeat with you so that your heart can sync its rhythm with His.

I post a blog entry every one to two weeks. I take time to listen to what Holy Spirit is saying to me, and I write from that perspective. My posts range from prophetic teaching based upon a word the Father shares with me to prophetic visions that I receive, all the while applying the Word of God to each teaching and each vision.

If you do not want to miss out on what the Lord shares with me, I invite you to subscribe to Lovesick Scribe by joining my email list.

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram as I post revelations in picture format that the Lord shares with me to meditate upon (known as The Ink Well of Abba). Make yourself at home in this blog, and allow the Lord to take you deeper into His Presence!


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24 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Dawn….my name is Jo-Ann and I, too, keep a journal after a powerful experience I had with the Lord years ago!! So nice to connect with you, all the way from Canada!! 🙂

  2. Not only is your blog a thing of beauty to my eyes but one of beauy to my soul as well. This day the Lord has used you as a stir stick in His hand, that voice of confirmation and encouragement needed to bring clarity to the surface. Thank you for being obedient to Father God.

  3. Thanks for keeping it simple and real. You have poured out a lot into my life in just a few minutes. You are a blessing I never expected to receive on this rainy weekend. I thank God for you. Continue doing this for the utmost glory of God!

  4. Good morning, Lovesick. I just read the post about the broken vessel. I am a broken vessel. I have been in the dark night of the soul for some years now. God has given me many lessons to learn. My pride seems to keep getting in my way. Please pray for me that I can finally learn these lessons and fly closer to His heart. I want nothing more than for my beautiful Lord and Savior to be proud of me. I want to be so lost in Him that nothing is separating us, nothing between us. As I read back over this post there are so many ‘I’ statements that it is nauseating. There in lies the problem… I, me. Help me pray to get there. Thanks

    1. Good morning, Carla. Thank you for contacting me. I will agree with you that you continue to surrender to Him and that you understand how much in love with you He is. I understand your perspective all too well. He is so faithful to answer our cries and our desire for Him. Keep pressing! Blessings to you

  5. First of all, I have never heard of you. That doesn’t mean much in today’s world. There are many women and men that claim to be prophet’s of the Lord. I am a Christian man Born/Again, Spirit Filled, and Speak in Tongues. The Lord our God has truly Blessed me also. So, I will follow you somewhat to hear what you have to say. I do follow one person whom I have been with for over 35 years. His name is Andrew Wommack. Renowned prophet, evangelist, preacher, expounder of the Word in teaching with the simplicity that affords it. Blessing to you and God is Good all the Time which I myself have learned through trials.
    In His Majesties Service – Adam

    1. Hi, Adam. Thanks for writing! I am not surprised you haven’t heard of me and that is quite all right. My goal is not to be known, but to make Jesus known and to declare His heart and revelation from Holy Spirit. My first priority is as His child first. The calling as a prophet takes a backseat to my identity as a child of God and a bride to the Bridegroom. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to read what I release. I do not take lightly what I release and I serve under an apostolic Spirit filled covering where I am held accountable and encouraged to grow in my relationship with Christ. I hope my writings bless you and stir up a passion on the inside of you even more for His Presence. Have a blessed day.

  6. Hi there!

    It’s a blessing to know another blogger who has the same desire of sharing what God is saying for our generation today. I came from the Philippines and I hope to get to know your work as well through your blog!

  7. I LOVE IT! I subscribed by email and I was introduced to you through an Elijah List entry – “Prophetic Scribe: You are arrows in the quiver of the Lord.”

  8. Love it, love it! Awesome! I am always thrilled to come across a heart that is so connected to His Heart. I came across you on Elijalist, yesterday, your blogs are are straight from the heart of God. It’s deep calling unto deep. I journal every day. You have encouraged me to step out into the deep! Thank you for hearing and obeying his voice.

  9. I am so glad I found your blog through your recent Elijah List “The Devil is Roaring But I Hear Our Roar of Intercession”. I am so looking forward to receiving your emails and reading previous post when I have some spare time. I have been a Christian for 18 years now and am longing to get back to my first love after a couple of seasons of burn out and feeling I’m in the wilderness. I often hear talk of the secret place but can’t seem to get any real answers on how to get to my secret place in Him – any suggestions or advice you could give me would be great appreciated, thanks for your time, blessings Katherine xox

  10. I love your blog and read it as soon as I can. You are a real blessing to me and meets me where I am. Lovesick Scribe runs deeper than mine, which God seems to give for those who aren’t ready for real steak and still need ground meat. However, I feel He’s told me I’ll be going deeper in mine and am grateful for that. My blog is DailyGod.net.

  11. Just discovered you tonight because your word about NK. Love your heart and look forward to reading the treasures you share in your blog.

  12. I love your blog, it’s clean in heart and straight forward, being in his PRESENCE continually and Loving unconditionally, is my heart’s desires,.His annointing in us & through us is Powerful when we are obedient to His direction and leading. for our journey in this life,,Interceeding in prayer for all of God’s people to experience a deeper intimacy with Abba Father God through out the Nations, We declare this is the moment and Season we all come together in Christ’s Love for each other as one body united we shall stand and not be removed, in the Mighty Name of Jesus we all pray,.

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