Do They Recognize That I Have Been With Jesus?


Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus.- Acts 4:13

The last nine words of this passage ring through my spirit, as if echoing down a long corridor. A question has been weighing heavily on me for the past several days, ever since the Holy Spirit led me to Acts 4:13. My mind wonders of Peter as he stood with John before distinguished elders, rulers, and priests, an uneducated and seemingly common fisherman who had denied Jesus three times while warming himself in front of a fire was now releasing the fire of the Holy Spirit from within.  I wonder if this question crossed his mind.  “Do they recognize that I have been with Jesus?” It is a question for us all.

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The Rise of Temple Cleansers and Idol Smashers

A few years ago, the Lord sent me on an adventure through the Books of Kings, and He started speaking to me about the rise of Josiah’s mandate. Though the original post was published in April 2016, God has had me revisit this and re-release this word.  I remember when God showed me revelation about King Josiah and what he did during his reign. I believe this is a timely word for the hour we are in as a nation as He raises up temple cleansers and idol smashers.

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When His Glory Becomes Familiar

I have a question for you that I have had to ask myself as of late, and that question is, “Is the glory of God in your life a place of familiarity or a place of intimacy with Christ?” The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me lately and putting His finger on things that many of us do not like addressing, but in order for us to advance into the deepest places of God, we must be willing to ask the hard questions and to answer them in Spirit and in truth.

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We are Transformed as We are Wrapped in His Word and Cleansed by His Word

I started the New Year with something that I had wanted for quite some time. I purchased a tallit (prayer shawl), and I took it with me to our first corporate intercessory prayer time at my home church. Holy Spirit was doing something fresh in our midst that morning as we pressed into His Presence and what He was saying in that moment. As I postured myself before the prayer requests upon the altar, I covered myself with my prayer shawl. I heard the Lord instruct me to lay the tallit across the prayer requests, and as I did, He spoke this to me,

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The Bride of Christ is to be Known by a Different Drink

It was a rather strange thought that woke me up one morning early last year.  I heard Holy Spirit say, “the woman caught in adultery”. I spent a few hours going down trails with Him in the Word, amazed at what He was revealing to me by His Spirit about Jesus and this woman. I tucked my scribblings away, knowing it was not yet time to release them. The Lord prompted me to release this revelation last weekend at a church in Maysville, Kentucky. I believe this word is not only for that region, but it is a word for the body of Christ.  I truly believe the hour upon us as the bride of Christ is one of self introspection and purification, and that Jesus desires His bride to be known by a different drink.

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I See Living Stones on Threshing Floors

I cannot get away from the altar. Over a month ago, I released a word about returning to the relevance of the altar. I was reminded of this word yet again this past Sunday during corporate worship. It was in this time that a burden of prayer and intercession came upon those in attendance. As people came to the altar to pray and intercede, the Lord led me to  1 Chronicles 21, and He showed me some things I want to share with you. I believe that not only is the altar becoming relevant once again, but I believe the intercessors are understanding what it means to become the altar upon which prayers and intercession are released before the Presence of God.

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Lightning Rods and Sons of Thunder

As I stood with my arms stretched high above my head in surrender one morning, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “Erect the lightning rods.” It was an unusual thing to hear, and I saw an internal picture of individuals standing with their arms raised in surrender to the Lord. I saw people positioned as spiritual lightning rods, people ready to receive the lightnings of heaven that usher in glory and the strikes of the enemy that would attempt to bring harm. You will see what I mean as you read on.

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Your Greatest Connection to Glory and Promotion

I love talking to Abba, and I love spending time with Jesus. His Presence is priceless. Since I came to know Christ, I have had some wonderful talks with the Father, and I have had some gut wrenching moments of correction. When we talk, it is a dialogue. I am not speaking to the air or to an imaginary friend, but I am conversing with I AM. He has a way of melting my heart like wax with one word.

Driving home a few days ago, I was talking to God and thanking Him for connecting me to people in my life.  This year has been a whirlwind for me. Over a year ago, I stepped out in faith, leaving my medical profession behind and coming after Jesus. I felt like one of the disciples as Jesus walked by and said, “Follow Me”. It always seemed odd to me that fishermen, tax collectors and a doctor would drop everything at the invitation of a man they did not even know as He walked by them. It made no sense to me until it happened to me, but I recognized the deep calling as they did, and I laid it all down to come after Him. I had no idea what awaited except that I was to write and to minister on another level. It was a leap of faith onto a runner’s path with the wind of His Spirit propelling me onward toward the high call in Christ Jesus.

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A Clarion Call to Purge the Prophetic of the Counterfeited Counterfeit

As a young Christian, I remember driving by establishments featuring the words, “psychics” and “tarot cards” in glowing neon in windows and storefronts, and I remember, for lack of a better word, feeling agitated at the sight of these places. I was not agitated with the individuals operating in this realm so much as I was the very existence of this perversion of the prophetic. Looking back, I understand that my agitation was in large part a reaction to this counterfeit of the prophetic ministry, and it was tied to my calling as a prophetic voice.

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I Heard Him Say, “The Altar Needs To Be Relevant Again”

Do you remember the first time you answered an altar call? I do. I was twenty-one years old, and I answered the call to salvation. I was a broken young woman looking for answers to my pain and emptiness. I knew nothing about altar calls or the significance of my response to this invitation. I simply understood in that defining moment that I wanted to know Jesus Christ, and I wanted life as I knew it to change. Looking back, I now understand that I was answering the call to die so that I could truly live hidden in Him.

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