I Hear Him Saying, “Get the Snake Out of the Garden, and Make It History!”

No one is immune to spiritual warfare. It does not matter how many years you have been in ministry, or how long you have known Jesus Christ. As long as there is breath in your body, you have an adversary. Now, I am not saying this to exalt the devil. He can never be equal to God.  I am saying this so we are not ignorant of the enemy’s devices (2 Corinthians 2:11). I want to share something with you that the Lord shared with me a few days ago as I faced some warfare.

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Tell The Devil You Are Coming, And Heaven Is Coming With You!

It is not uncommon for the Holy Spirit to speak to me and to share things with me that are on the Father’s heart. It is unusual, however, to hear something triggered by a random memory of a movie seen years ago. While in prayer recently, I had a fleeting thought about a scene in a western I had seen years ago. It was a pivotal point in the movie, and the statement struck fear into the heart of the villain. But then I heard the Lord reword the statement. He said, “Tell the devil that you are coming, and heaven is coming with you.”

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October 31st Belongs To The Lord


Have you ever wondered what the word Halloween means? I am not speaking about the history of the holiday our culture celebrates, but rather the simple meaning of this word associated with October 31st. The word Halloween when spoken in the Christian community stirs up visions lacking any semblance of God’s goodness or light. The darkness is prevalent this time of year, but why is that? Why have we relinquished this day to another kingdom?

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Double Down In Prayer And Warfare

As a prophetic voice, I have been burdened with the urgency to pray and to intercede in this hour. The Lord has led me to pray for specific areas and people and to declare His heart on the matters at hand. A few weeks ago, I had an intense dream within a dream, and shortly after this, I heard the words double down in my spirit. It encouraged me to stand firm in my assigned areas of prayer. I want to empower the prayer warriors, intercessors and prophetic voices in this hour to double down in prayer and warfare.

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There’s Been A Backdraft Prepped For The Ekklesia

Recently while attending a conference, I shared with a friend of mine a word I had heard in my spirit a few days prior to this event. As a prophetic voice,  releasing words stamped with the Lord’s name is not something I take lightly. I like to talk with a few other seasoned prophetic people so that the word can be judged. I had heard the word backdraft in a time of prayer. My friend and I  discussed this word and its meaning, and we talked about a motion picture bearing this same name and how the backdraft related to the body of Christ. I had no way of knowing that a few hours later, a guest speaker whom I did not know would mention this very term as well as the content of our conversation which he did not hear to those attending the conference. The Holy Spirit likes to confirm to us when we are hearing His voice.

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It Started With A Prayer Meeting…

What would happen if the body of Christ united in prayer and repentance? For weeks I have sensed an urgency in my spirit for prayer and intercession to arise from the body of Christ. It is not only an urgency to pray when calamity strikes, but it is an urgency to pray without ceasing and to be a catalyst for the next great move of God. It is by no mistake that I release this word on this particular day.  It was on this day one hundred and sixty years ago that a movement began, fanning the flames of the third great awakening in our nation. It started with a key ingredient necessary for revival and reformation. It started with a prayer meeting.

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I Heard The Lord Say, “Declare My Sun Hi Over North Korea”

It was on a calm May morning that the Lord spoke this word to me. I was sitting on my front porch, seeking the Lord in prayer, and I heard an unfamiliar word. It was the first time I ever heard a word from the Lord in another language known to man, but not known to me.  I heard the word, “sun hi” swell up in my spirit. It was one of those moments where you wonder, “Am I making this up, or is this the Holy Spirit?” To my amazement, I found out that this was a Korean word meaning, “goodness and joy”. The Lord instructed me to release this word in my prayer time over the nation of North Korea.

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Interception Through Unity

For days now, it has seemed as if there is a storm of spiritual chatter raging all around us. For those who flow in the prophetic, it can overwhelm and bombard you. The air is thick with gusty winds from the enemy and the groanings of the earth, but something else is looming in the atmosphere that has weighed heavily upon my spirit, and it is the divided waters among the body of Christ.

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God’s Glorious Conduit For Heavenly Interruptions

Heavenly interruptions are coming. This spontaneous song bubbled up out of my spirit during a Tuesday morning prayer meeting. The next thing I heard seemed strange but relevant, “We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring breaking news.” The Lord was speaking, and He was making His desire clear to bring heavenly interruptions to His people and through His people. The Holy Spirit dropped more revelation in my spirit about being a conduit of His Heavenly interruptions. I believe these Heavenly interruptions are coming not only on a personal level, but they are coming on a corporate level.

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Arise And Shine From An Eclipsed Heart!

While standing on my front porch in the middle of the day, I took in the familiar scenery surrounding my home. This was the day of the historic solar eclipse, and I was witnessing its effects on the environment before me. Though my region experienced a partial eclipse of the sun, the results were noticeable as the vibrancy in the colors of the present landscape dimmed, and a faint haze temporarily settled in the air.

I wandered off of my porch and onto the boardwalk, catching a glimpse of this sign in the sky. As I stood in the remaining rays of the sun, a lukewarm atmosphere swept over me. I had heard other words concerning the solar eclipse, but this moment was bringing a different perspective. The Lord started speaking to me about the eclipse, but He made it personal, touching on the effects of even a partial eclipse of the heart, the heart of the body of Christ.

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