Metamorphosis Of The Lord’s Beloved

“You are not alone in the metamorphosis.” I want to share a word with those of you who are going through the process of transformation unto the Lord. I heard the word, metamorphosis in my spirit a few weeks ago, and I have been meditating on what God wanted to share, as He whispered this word into my spirit.

Metamorphosis is defined as “a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one“. We often think of the amazing transformation of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The caterpillar is appreciated for its growth in its season while the butterfly is envied and admired for its beauty. But there is more than meets the eye with the caterpillar and the butterfly. Continue reading Metamorphosis Of The Lord’s Beloved

A Prophetic Vision Of Jezebel’s Pet: The Black Widow Spider


She was large and lurking in the corner of a basement. I knew what type of spider it was the moment I saw the red hourglass on her abdomen. I went from seeing this vision to seeing cobwebs in the front of residences I did not recognize.

Boldness began to rise up on the inside of me as I cursed the black widow, commanding her to die. I then found myself declaring the demise of her egg sac, prophesying destruction to every curse and every attack attempting to be birthed against the Kingdom of God. Continue reading A Prophetic Vision Of Jezebel’s Pet: The Black Widow Spider

The Lingerers And The Fragranced Ones Are Catching The King’s Attention

As I lay on the floor worshiping the Lord a few nights ago during a corporate gathering, I heard a song rise up in my Spirit about lingering in His Presence. I heard the Lord say to me, “I am looking for the lingerers. I am looking for those unconcerned with inconvenience.”

Our pastor ministered that night with a message orchestrated by the Holy Spirit about the woman with the alabaster jar, and the Lord began to speak to me later about what it means to carry the anointing.  I want to share with you the heart of the Father for the lingerers and the fragranced ones. It is a call to intimacy and wild pursuit for the Lover of our souls. It is a call to abandon our agenda for His agenda.

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Generational Giant Slayers: The Caleb Anointing And A Davidic Generation

When you think about slaying giants, who is the first person that comes to your mind? Chances are, David has been placed on your giant slaying pedestal. His encounter with Goliath is famous, and it stirs our hearts to read about a young boy taking down this Philistine bully with  a slingshot and the anointing of God.

When we read this story, we see that God can anoint the unlikeliest of people to silence the enemy. However, another giant slayer, Caleb, paved the way for David hundreds of years before, and this same anointing is important for us today as a new generation of spiritual giant slayers is birthed from those who have pioneered the way for slaying the adversary. This message is vital for ministry as well as our personal lives. Continue reading Generational Giant Slayers: The Caleb Anointing And A Davidic Generation

Prophetic Scribes, You Are Arrows In The Quiver Of The Lord!

A few days ago, I woke up thinking about Isaiah 49:2,

“He made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of his hand he hid me; he made me a polished arrow; in his quiver he hid me away,

and I could sense a stirring taking place over the prophetic scribes in this hour. There is so much that God wants to release through His scribes, and He is preparing His ready writers to go forth as arrows in the Spirit. He is desiring to fashion us as mighty weapons in His Kingdom while holding us close in the secret place so that we hear His voice and release His words and His heart.

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I Hear The Lord Say, Go To The Deep!

“Who in their right mind walks a mile out into a river, not knowing how wide the river runs, or how deep it goes? It is the same as walking into the ocean”, my husband exclaimed. I had found myself in the depths of Ezekiel 47 a week ago, wondering about the distance he traveled out into the river from the temple, and I asked my husband to help me figure it out.

It is easy to lose the detail when looking at a passage like this, and for lack of a better term, skim the surface of what is really taking place. Apart from God, we are pretty shallow people. The waters of ourselves are safe, comfortable and easily tainted, but when we tap into the waters of God, they are unnerving, adventurous and pure in every ripple, wave and depth.

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I Hear The Roar Of Intercession!

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to be a guest speaker on a prayer conference call. While preparing to minister, I heard the Lord speak to me about the roar of intercession being released within our nation. Since that time, I have heard in my spirit the low rumble of a roar as it revs up to release a crescendo of thunder, shaking the heavenlies and the demonic powers wreaking havoc in our land. I am releasing this word to encourage the intercessors in our nation and the nations of the earth, and I want you to understand the power of your intercession and your position in this hour.

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Hardened Hearts And Severed Limbs Within The Body Of Christ

These were not the type of hearts I expected to see on Valentine’s Day. It was a dreary landscape capturing my attention in a split second. As I prayed in the Spirit yesterday morning, I began to get a picture and in this picture was a line of caskets with hearts of stone inside each one. It grieved me to see these hearts.

I wanted to see them beating, releasing the cadence of that familiar sound John the Beloved heard as he laid his head upon the chest of Jesus. I began to hear the words of Ezekiel 36 spoken over these hearts and I knew that transformation was on the winds of His breath. God’s desire to see these hearts beat once again was being branded upon my heart and His Presence arose on the inside of me to release a prayer for transformation and unification within the bride of Christ.

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The Drought Is Over!

As our worship team began to spontaneously sing about the rain this past Sunday morning, I began to hear these words in my spirit, “The drought is over“. The Lord led me to 1 Kings 18 where Elijah was prophesying the sound of abundant rain after slaughtering the prophets of Baal. I believe this is significant for the prophetic voices in this hour as we understand the spiritual climate we are entering and have endured.

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An Oil Spill Is Coming!

Yesterday morning while in prayer, I heard the words, oil spill clearly in my spirit. There has been a lot of prophetic talk about oil and what God wants to do in this coming season and I believe this is an extension of what I am hearing in my spirit.

Oil represents the anointing of the Lord. It represents the Holy Spirit. Oil was used to anoint the priests for service in the Old Testament. Oil was poured onto the heads of kings by prophets so as to anoint them for their royal assignment. But somehow I knew that this amount of oil was not going to come from a small horn of oil or from a flask. This was a monumental amount of oil and it was noteworthy.

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