Identity In Intimacy


Deep calls to deep. These were the words that I heard the Father speak to my spirit a week ago as I prepared to go to corporate worship on a Sunday morning. When I asked Him what this truly meant, I heard Him say, “The depths of Me calls out to the depths of Me in you.” It was a short yet profound revelation that stirred my spirit.

At the time I was not doing anything super spiritual according to man’s standards when He spoke this to me; I was getting myself ready for the day. I was not lying prostrate in the floor, groaning in the Spirit with the lights dim and my favorite worship song playing in the background, though those are precious times. Yet He shared this intimate revelation with me out of response to time previously sown in the secret place with Him.

That day ended up being a powerful day both corporately and individually and I have found myself meditating on the depths of God and His calling to the depths of Himself in us. This revelation has pierced my heart.  It is the acknowledgement from us that an infinite God has deposited the depths of Himself within us and by acknowledging this revelation of identity in Him, intimacy with Him is attainable, the kind of intimacy once encountered in the garden.

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A Prophetic Vision: Unorthodox Warfare & Seeds Awaiting The Blue Flame Revival


It was more than a week ago the Lord began to show me an internal vision during corporate worship. It was a fragmented scene  I was witnessing and it was intense. As I sought the Lord for more revelation, He revealed the remainder to me last Sunday.

This is one of the most detailed visions I have seen to date and I share it with humility because I do not want to release anything without His guidance. This vision revealed unorthodox warfare and the coming blue flame revival.

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A Call For Radical Disturbance


The story of Paul and Silas in prison is a well known account in the book of Acts. We usually hear the climax of the story being told at the midnight hour as these men sat in the inner prison singing hymns. Their feet were shackled and their bodies were bruised and beaten for casting a devil out of a girl practicing divination.

As these men worshiped the Lord, a suddenly occurred, the ground shook and all of the prison doors opened.  Everyone’s bonds came unfastened in a suddenly. Though this is a powerful moment, the Lord highlighted something to me prior to their incarceration that I believe is also a powerful revelation. It is a revelation that is relevant for us today.

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A Warning To The Enemy’s Camp: This Time The Prophets Will Not Hide In Caves!


Last week I sensed the Lord asking me to write down a statement and to read it. I wrote it on a piece of paper in one of my journals. As I read it, it stirred my spirit. Over the next few days, the Lord began to reveal things to me through His Word that I would like to share about this call to the prophetic voices in this hour and in the days to come. I believe this a corporate message as we exalt the One True Living God while engaging in spiritual warfare. This is a call that is bestowed upon every child of God, every disciple of Christ.

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The Plumb-Line of God

plumb line

Several weeks ago during a time of corporate prayer, I heard the words plumb line in my spirit. I saw a vision of vertical structures and the foundation that these vertical structures rested upon. I began to understand that these structures represented the people of God with the foundation being the Word of God.

I discovered the term plumb line means, “A cord weighted with lead that is used in building to check that vertical structures are true. It is used symbolically to refer to the divine standard against which God, the builder of his people, tests and judges them. It also symbolizes the standards by which God will rebuild his people“.

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Prophetic Insight-Possessing the Enemy’s Sword

Old Bible With Sword

As our head intercessor held a large sword while praying for our nation and the election this past Tuesday morning, the Lord began to highlight another sword in my spirit. This particular sword in our midst was initially brought for prayer during the election and the political arena as this sword held emblems of Washington D.C. upon it. The Lord had additional plans for this weapon on this day. I immediately grabbed my Bible and began to look up Goliath’s sword, only I was not going to the battlefield, but to the temple.

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Correction Without Intercession-The Latest Snake Oil

I love the prophetic ministry. It is a great asset to the body of Christ and like anything else, when accessed with the right spirit, it is a tremendous blessing and necessity. When accessed with a tainted spirit, it is abused, misused and misunderstood. As I function in the prophetic ministry, I continue to understand the importance of functioning in God’s timing and in His love.
There have been times when God has directed me to bring correction to others and I obeyed, but I wept having to do so.  I find myself understanding that judgment  and accountability are guaranteed even in a dispensation of grace. It saddens me to see prophetic people dismiss the prophetic blueprint Jesus modeled while here on the earth.
We have this imbalance in the prophetic that declaring judgment and rebuking others is the hallmark of this facet of ministry. Some take joy in prophesying another’s demise without bearing the fruit of His love to seal the word released. Some never pause to ask the Lord if it is in the realm of personal and spiritual jurisdiction to utter such correction, or if it is even ordained by God Himself.

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A Word For The Church: You Are Holy Transformers!

As I browse my social media newsfeed, I find myself preaching out loud and wondering if anyone can hear me. I am passionate about seeing people fulfill the purpose for which God has placed upon their lives. So if you are reading this, understand that what I say may challenge you and even offend you, but my desire is for you to live in the fullness of Christ. This may only be read by a few individuals and if so, then that is enough because my writing is more about Him and less about me being well known.

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Gaining His Perspective In The Summit Meetings

summit moses

As I stood on top of a hill overlooking the Crow Nation yesterday, I was reminded of a word that the Lord had spoken to me about seeking higher ground to gain a broader perspective. Recently I heard the words, summit meeting, and I could hear the Lord calling those who would obey the call to come up higher and to attain His vantage point.

The summit meeting is for those who refuse complacency at the base of the mountain, those choosing to be sent for intercession and for instruction and to see as God sees.  I believe it is in the summit meetings that we gain limitless perspective, divine instruction and desired intimacy with the Father .

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Exposing the Spirit of Sanballet


What do you do when God has set a course for you and the enemy comes along to halt the plans of the Divine? Do you bow to the lie that says it will not happen or do you choose to see the greater picture? This jeer to abort the plan of God was prominent hundreds of years ago and it still rings out today. It is found in the ones who tell the body of Christ that mighty moves are long gone, even from the very ones who claim to have a heritage in the kingdom of God.

It is found among those who chant that the rubble is too great to rebuild, the rocks are ash and that the current state is better than attempting to take on such a feat of reformation and consecration. It is spoken by those who desire to maintain control and power, an insecure and fearful religious exterior bearing a garment of intimidation. This is the spirit of Sanballet, alive and well and spewing the agenda of status quo along with his parroting sidekick, Tobiah.

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