Correction Without Intercession-The Latest Snake Oil

I love the prophetic ministry. It is a great asset to the body of Christ and like anything else, when accessed with the right spirit, it is a tremendous blessing and necessity. When accessed with a tainted spirit, it is abused, misused and misunderstood. As I function in the prophetic ministry, I continue to understand the importance of functioning in God’s timing and in His love.
There have been times when God has directed me to bring correction to others and I obeyed, but I wept having to do so.  I find myself understanding that judgment  and accountability are guaranteed even in a dispensation of grace. It saddens me to see prophetic people dismiss the prophetic blueprint Jesus modeled while here on the earth.
We have this imbalance in the prophetic that declaring judgment and rebuking others is the hallmark of this facet of ministry. Some take joy in prophesying another’s demise without bearing the fruit of His love to seal the word released. Some never pause to ask the Lord if it is in the realm of personal and spiritual jurisdiction to utter such correction, or if it is even ordained by God Himself.

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A Word For The Church: You Are Holy Transformers!

As I browse my social media newsfeed, I find myself preaching out loud and wondering if anyone can hear me. I am passionate about seeing people fulfill the purpose for which God has placed upon their lives. So if you are reading this, understand that what I say may challenge you and even offend you, but my desire is for you to live in the fullness of Christ. This may only be read by a few individuals and if so, then that is enough because my writing is more about Him and less about me being well known.

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Gaining His Perspective In The Summit Meetings

summit moses

As I stood on top of a hill overlooking the Crow Nation yesterday, I was reminded of a word that the Lord had spoken to me about seeking higher ground to gain a broader perspective. Recently I heard the words, summit meeting, and I could hear the Lord calling those who would obey the call to come up higher and to attain His vantage point.

The summit meeting is for those who refuse complacency at the base of the mountain, those choosing to be sent for intercession and for instruction and to see as God sees.  I believe it is in the summit meetings that we gain limitless perspective, divine instruction and desired intimacy with the Father .

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Exposing the Spirit of Sanballet


What do you do when God has set a course for you and the enemy comes along to halt the plans of the Divine? Do you bow to the lie that says it will not happen or do you choose to see the greater picture? This jeer to abort the plan of God was prominent hundreds of years ago and it still rings out today. It is found in the ones who tell the body of Christ that mighty moves are long gone, even from the very ones who claim to have a heritage in the kingdom of God.

It is found among those who chant that the rubble is too great to rebuild, the rocks are ash and that the current state is better than attempting to take on such a feat of reformation and consecration. It is spoken by those who desire to maintain control and power, an insecure and fearful religious exterior bearing a garment of intimidation. This is the spirit of Sanballet, alive and well and spewing the agenda of status quo along with his parroting sidekick, Tobiah.

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Peripheral Worship

They stood inside the entrance to their tent doors while Moses approached the tent of meeting outside of the camp. Their gaze was fixed upon the back of Moses as he made his way to that first tabernacle. He was going with one purpose and that was to meet with The Lord face to face. The tent of meeting had been pitched by Moses and it was a prelude of the tent to come. It was for everyone who desired to seek the Lord (Exodus 33:7).

The location of it required a person come closer to the Lord, leaving no distance between them.  I can see the cloud, the Presence of God descending upon the entrance of the tent after Moses entered while the people worship from their tent doors. It breaks my heart because I see people who were content in “knowing” about the Lord from a distance while someone else pursued His Presence on their behalf. We are not so different today.

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Handpicked for a Purpose



He only needed one stone. A small babbling brook held the ammunition desired by a shepherd boy for bringing down a mighty foe. He did not look like a warrior, but this shepherd had been prepared on another battlefield for a moment like this and he arrived to this battle right on time.

For forty days the air had been saturated with fear as taunts and idle threats loomed over the army of God, never settling in the valley between them, but finding a resting place in the hearts of men. As the appointed king cowered in his tent, the one anointed king prepared himself for a showdown.

The king had attempted to cloak this ruddy faced boy with his own armor, but to no avail. He would have no part in the victory as this young man carried the Lord upon him. He was a shepherd, an armor bearer and a king all at once. He was David, son of Jesse, a descendant from the tribe of Judah.

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The Clarion Call: “Dismantle the Cord of Discord”



I heard the instruction so clearly as I took in what I was seeing. I awoke one morning several weeks ago and I saw a vision of a three headed creature perched in the heavens overlooking the United States. As I saw this creature, I began to hear the words: confusion, rebellion and perversion. The creature, a demonic principality, represented these three things.

The Lord began to show me that each head was adorned with a crown representing their identity. God began to speak to me about misdirected battle and warfare. Ephesians 6:12 came to my mind and I heard the Lord say, “You are not fighting man, but the spirits in operation”.

I then heard God say, “Dismantle the cord of discord“, as this three headed creature had become a threefold cord, but one of counterfeit. The Lord then gave me three actions to combat this counterfeit threefold cord, launching an assault against each antagonist; unity would defeat confusion, prayer would defeat rebellion and holiness would defeat perversion.

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Fruit Bearers: Deal With the Foxes!



Get the foxes out of the vineyard“. It was a few weeks ago on a Tuesday morning that I heard these words as I drove to intercessory prayer. I was not supposed to be at intercessory prayer on this Tuesday; I was supposed to be at my workplace. Isn’t it funny how God works out divine timing when He needs something addressed? A few weeks prior I was asked to make a schedule change to accommodate a need at work. The day before prayer, the head intercessor asked if I could lead the prayer meeting.

So here I was driving along and seeking what was on the heart of the Lord for prayer and I heard Him say this to me, “Get the foxes out of the vineyard“. Song of Solomon 2:15 came to my spirit, “Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards, for our vineyards are in blossom.” The Lord began to show me a vine in our sanctuary in bloom and yielding fruit. I saw foxes among the vine, trying to eat the fruit and damage the vine.

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Redemptive Repentance




It is interesting how much our confession about someone esteemed and anointed by God can change once their sin becomes public knowledge. I was thinking about King David and how God’s Word refers to him as a man after God’s heart both before he committed adultery and premeditated murder and after he committed adultery and premeditated murder. God was displeased with David, there is no question about that.

David incurred severe rebuke from the prophet Nathan and the death of his son because of his sin. David’s answer was one of humility and deep repentance, “I have sinned against God” (2 Samuel 12:13) and from this rebuke came Psalm 51, a song of repentance birthed out of his sin. This psalm resonates with many people today as we too ask God to create in us a clean heart and to renew a right spirit within each of us.

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Disturbing the Peace and Rattling the Cages of Religion


During a time of worship and prayer this morning, a song of the Lord began to rise up from my spirit, “He’s coming to shake the things that need to be disturbed. He’s coming to rattle the cages of religion“. The Lord began to show me a vision of a pair of red doors.  I knew that they were the doors to a church and on these doors hung a sign, “Do not disturb“. The vision faded into another vision of the same doors only this time, the sign was gone and a welcome mat lay at the entrance. I pondered on what these things meant and I thought about where we are right now as a people.

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