The Lamp Of The Intimate Bride


Imagine a bride during the days of Jesus, adorned in her wedding attire and awaiting her groom. From her appearance it would seem that she has done everything expected in preparation for this moment. Her dress is without blemish, her purity is untainted, her wick is trimmed and her lamp is lit. As she hears the anticipated cry that the bridegroom is coming, she notices her flame is burning out. It suddenly occurs to her that she is not as prepared as she once assumed.

It seems harmless, but she has neglected the oil supply and because of this she has compromised her flame, forfeiting her place next to her bridegroom by seeking oil elsewhere. Thinking she has rectified the situation, she goes back to her groom, only to be denied entrance because she is recognized not as His beloved but as a stranger. This bride lacked something money could not buy and appearances could not compensate and that is intimacy.

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Release The Oil, Saturated Bride!



The oil was everywhere. It was coating everything in the sanctuary: every seat, every instrument and every inch of the floor. I looked up to see the rafters dripping with this same oil, saturating the room and anyone in its path. There was no end to the flow and if we pursued Him passionately and unapologetically, I sensed it was a prelude of things to come.

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A Prophetic Vision- The Holy Spirit Ember Attack


It is a vision I have seen numerous times during moments in prayer and worship- individuals and nations encased in fire and the breath of God blowing on each of them, fanning the flame to others. Not long ago during a time of worship the Lord showed me a vision of  people as glowing embers, burning coals with no visible flame.

These embers were alive and yet underestimated because a raging fire appeared to not consume them. It is tempting to miss the potential of a fire hazard with remaining embers that simply refuse to die because we are looking for the flames.

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Renegade Christianity


What comes to mind when you hear the word, renegade? Maybe you envision a rugged outlaw defying a corrupt system and fighting for the common good. Maybe you picture Jesus driving out the money changers from the temple or defying the religious stiff necks of His day.

In case you are wondering, renegade Christianity in this context is not a lifestyle to adopt. Days before the New Year these words came into my spirit. At the beginning of last year, God had told me that “rewriters of the Covenant” would emerge, those who not only claim their own salvation but would attempt to redefine the Word of God. This has been happening for quite some time and a torrent of unrighteousness swelled last year.

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You Can Quote Me On It, I Think?

imageWe have all done it. I am sure you have maybe even this morning or in the past few days. You find a cool meme or an inspirational quote and you like it or you share it on social media. These sayings seem to highlight a bit of our personality or our beliefs. Deep down we may even relate to that person or we even have a desire to be associated with that person’s level of intellect. I shared a quote yesterday on my personal Facebook page. I was reading a book about Dietrich Bonhoeffer and decided to look up some of his well known quotes.

After posting one, I felt more intellectually sound and a bit cooler, right? But then some thoughts occurred to me…what do I know about his character? What do I know about the fruit of his life? Did he even say what I posted? Did it match up to what I understood about his life and his faith? By posting this to my page, I was associating myself with his beliefs and his values. Shew, that’s a lot to ponder considering it is only a quote on Facebook.

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What IN The World Are We Doing?

imageOur world is in an apparent mess. If you are living in this century then you know what I am speaking of. You can turn on any electronic device or your television and see what kind of mess we humans are capable of producing. You can simply walk outside of your home and instantly be bombarded with ominous signs of doom and gloom from every angle. There is no shortage of headlines about the acts of a corrupt government, perversion in our society and the flagrant abandonment of God’s Word and statutes.

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A Generation Worth Fighting For

handsIt was July 5th of this year and I laid upon the carpet in a sanctuary in Rosedale, Virginia as a group of us involved in youth ministry prayed and interceded for our upcoming youth conference. As I laid in the floor wedged in by the seats, I began to weep as I heard the Lord say to me, “Repent on behalf of a generation. Repent for curses spoken over a generation.” It was overwhelming. I wept as He said this to me.

“Curses have been spoken over this generation. Cry out to Me on behalf of this generation. Repent for curses spoken and for not passing on an inheritance of holiness to this generation and the coming one. Seek forgiveness for a legacy of complacency and compromise. This generation has reaped what was sown before, but the pure heart’s cry is arising to My throne to cancel the curse and to restore the promise of My Word spoken over them.”

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The Revival of Mantles & The Raising of Shofars


The sounds and the heartbeat of revival have been on my heart for quite some time. Personal revival is the cry of my heart. We cannot give out what doesn’t possess us first. I am blessed to be a part of a ministry that refuses to hinder Holy Spirit and is fiercely pursuing God’s heart for revival in our region, our nation and the nations of the earth. The Lord speaks to me through internal visions quite often and on September 29, 2013, He showed me a vision during a worship service I would like to share.

As I worshiped that morning I began to see a hillside and an atmosphere of water hanging over the land. I heard a sound over the hillside…drums and shouting and a sound that grew louder  as the ones creating the sound approached the top of the hillside. I heard God speak of desperation- desperate people refuse to be quiet. Hungry people do not stay quiet and thirsty people do not stay silent. There is a roar that must come forth for the more.

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Confirmation & Perfect Timing

Have you ever had the Lord speak something to you and you assumed that it was going to happen at that moment or the next day or two? I touched on timing in my last post, but I wanted to share one more personal entry before I begin sharing other things that I really believe God has spoken to me. To answer my own question, I have felt that way. I have perceived that when God spoke something to me it was for that appointed time and I humbly admit that I was wrong at times because I did not understand the season or His appointed time.

I mentioned that I am personally transitioning into a new season on several different levels. Spiritually speaking I am coming into a season of preparation for my calling. It was bittersweet to let go of this last season, but I came to understand that transition requires taking a step in faith and being radically obedient to Christ. I thought that God could transition me out of where I was while I clung to where I stood in the moment and it does not work that way. God wanted me to move and to trust Him and to understand that it is not my ministry anyway. I am simply stewarding what God has graced me to do so that His heart will be revealed. So as of my last post, I let go and the moment that I did every weight that I sensed lifted. It was as if I could breathe and I was free to become the woman of God that He has always seen.

So now what? What do I do? I had heard the Lord clearly weeks ago during a prayer service as I paced and prayed in the Spirit in a dimly lit sanctuary amidst other prayer warriors. His words continue to echo in my spirit, “This is where I want you right now, in times of prayer with Me.” I knew that He was not referring to a physical place,but a state of prayer.  I knew that I had heard Him and I knew that the season was getting ready to change, but when? I have stated before that journaling is so important in our relationship with the Lord. It is our opportunity to make history with God. There are entries that when I look back on them, I now understand what He meant when He spoke to me. Such is the case here. It is amazing to ponder on God’s timing. His timing is always on time. He never misses it, but we sure can.

Once I had peace about this next season, He led me back to a journal entry from August 8, 2013. I remember what I sensed when I wrote this entry. I was heartbroken and certain that change was coming the next day. I thought I had it all figured out, but I didn’t until now. This entry is coming to pass a little over two years after He spoke this to me.

“You are coming into a time of change and transition. It will feel as if you are demoted, but I am calling you, molding you and equipping you for your assignment. I need to know that you will love Me when no titles remain, no status is visible, no position is yours. You will come to a point of stepping back from the lime light. Separation and loneliness will come, but in this time, although you will feel alone, I am closer than I have ever been. It is time to dig in, My daughter. Fear must go and boldness must rise up in you. Continue to worship Me the same way with the same passion, the same fervency. As you press into Me, I will set My seal upon you and when you are ready to be released, who you once were will not be…lay aside every encumbrance…There is a level of brokenness in Me that you will attain, a brokenness that it will feel as if you are inept and can do nothing. It will be at this point that I will use you the greatest because you can do nothing apart from Me.

I want all of you and I want you to have all of Me, but it will come when you lay aside all else and run after Me. I correct you because I love you and I see you. I see the woman who you know is there but are afraid to be. There are moments and glimpses of who I am calling you to be, but I want your entire existence and not moments. Become who you were born to be and walk in My abounding love and fullness. You have a depth in Me to release. Come with Me into the secret place and I will teach you, anoint you and commission you. Let go, empty yourself and I will fill you up.”

   The moment that I read that, I instantly understood that I was standing on the threshold of the very season that the Lord was speaking of two years ago. I am sure that I am not the only person to misunderstand God’s timing and if you have also then we are both in good company because there are men and women of the Bible who had words revealed to them only to die in their faith or to see them come to pass years after God revealed His plan to them. It is amazing how a word spoken a few years ago brought me such comfort. It comforted me to know that I am not just writing random thoughts in this journal that come into my mind, but I am hearing the voice of God. I am conversing with the God of this universe, the One Who knows no time restrictions yet He takes time as I understand it to talk to me and to reveal a portion of His blueprint for my life. He knows me. He knows how to speak to me and how to get through to me. He knows when it is time to stay and when it is time to move on and if we listen to Him, He will let us in on the timing. He confirms His Word and He is always on time. I am so excited for this next season with Him. It is going to be a great adventure in times of prayer and preparation and inhabiting and exploring the secret place as I have fully yet to do. It will be a time of dying to self while birthing things of the Spirit and I am ready. It took two years to get here, but I am ready.

Embracing A New Season & Letting Go of a Great One

This morning I woke up and I sat on my back porch swing with my Bible next to me, my ipad playing worship music and my trusty journal. As the Lord and I spent time together, I found myself asking Him where to go from where I am right now. For quite some time, I have sensed amidst the attacks and the frustration that a transition was coming for me, that God was ready to shift me into a time of preparation so that a new season could spring forth in His timing. His timing. I am not afraid to admit that I have been impatient with His timing at times, namely this one. We who know the Lord cry out for His timing and yet many times we want to take God’s timing and wind it forward like the stem on a watch. “Could You possibly move things along, God, because I see where You want to take me and I am ready for it?” But we aren’t ready, hence His timing.

You may be thinking that it not okay to have such a dialogue with God. Maybe you are appalled at the thought of speaking to God this way. Let me just say that being real with God will get you farther than self righteousness and pseudo-holiness ever will.  It’s quite all right to be real with God about your frustration. After all, we are His children and He is our Father and real relationship is not always magical and serene. Real relationship with the Lord is raw and truthful and it is in those moments of transparency that God can reach down into the depths of our spirits and pull out the weeds to make more room for the roses in His garden.

I sought the Lord this morning on a matter of direction in this season right now. So many things are getting ready to change for me and for my husband. We are preparing to welcome our first child into our family and our roles will broaden from husband and wife to father and mother. We are stepping into roles that I dare say we both feel ill equipped to receive, but never the less we are excited for this new adventure and for our little world changer who has been prophesied over by her soon-to-be mother before she was even conceived. Not only are there natural transitions but for quite some time, I have sensed the Lord dealing with me about transitioning from the current season that I had embraced several years ago, a season that I have held onto with both hands and diligent faithfulness. I would hear Him speak to me at times that this season was going to end and although my mouth agreed, my heart refused to let go. Call it pride, call it comfort, call it plain stubbornness, or combine all of the above, but I was not ready to let go of this place that I had inhabited for so long. Truth be told, I was intimidated because in part I knew what laid ahead, a time of preparation for the mantle that God has placed upon my life.

So here I sat this morning with God, seeking His direction and asking Him what to do and as I did He spoke this to me,

“Come sit at My feet. It is time to be Mary and not Martha. Come glean from My Word. Come from the populated riverbanks and deeper into the wilderness with Me. Let go. In order to grasp what waits for you in this next season, you must let go of what you hold onto now.”

I found such peace in His Presence when He spoke this to me. I am taking my hand off of the stem of the watch and letting God have His timing back for my life. I am choosing to rest in His Presence and to enjoy the journey, as I was reminded the other day by someone so precious to me. I refuse to despise the day of small beginnings and my heart and my spirit will be relentless in worship unto the Lord, no matter where I am or where I stand. If you are reading this, I hope this encourages you to understand how much God desires to fulfill His purpose in you and through you. Embracing new seasons requires us to let go of the present and plunge fearlessly into the coming one. God has not forgotten what He promised and we should not forget either. Let go. Two simple words that have set me free this morning so that I can embrace the coming season and simply be where He desires me to be. God is good.