Redemptive Repentance




It is interesting how much our confession about someone esteemed and anointed by God can change once their sin becomes public knowledge. I was thinking about King David and how God’s Word refers to him as a man after God’s heart both before he committed adultery and premeditated murder and after he committed adultery and premeditated murder. God was displeased with David, there is no question about that.

David incurred severe rebuke from the prophet Nathan and the death of his son because of his sin. David’s answer was one of humility and deep repentance, “I have sinned against God” (2 Samuel 12:13) and from this rebuke came Psalm 51, a song of repentance birthed out of his sin. This psalm resonates with many people today as we too ask God to create in us a clean heart and to renew a right spirit within each of us.

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Renegade Christianity


What comes to mind when you hear the word, renegade? Maybe you envision a rugged outlaw defying a corrupt system and fighting for the common good. Maybe you picture Jesus driving out the money changers from the temple or defying the religious stiff necks of His day.

In case you are wondering, renegade Christianity in this context is not a lifestyle to adopt. Days before the New Year these words came into my spirit. At the beginning of last year, God had told me that “rewriters of the Covenant” would emerge, those who not only claim their own salvation but would attempt to redefine the Word of God.┬áThis has been happening for quite some time and a torrent of unrighteousness swelled last year.

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